In conclusion, I think there is some connection with water. Chippewa Falls is known for it’s water source. And Rock River is a major river, and now Lake Michigan.

ref: http://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2018/02/bat-winged-humanoid-encountered-in.html


・"Missing 411" で有名な David Paulides も謎の行方不明事件の多くが水の周囲で起きている(例:湖、沼地、川)と語っている。(なお、水以外に、岩石だらけの山岳地も多発地帯)




・36:00 bigfoot は女と子供が好き。

・bigfoot と遊んだ子供の証言。


・Top 10 Bigfoot Theories That Will Explain What This Monster Is






Unexplained 'Projected Light'

I recently received the following account:

Dear Lon,
I am writing you because I was so excited to read the posting dated 12-31-2017 that referenced something that sounded much like what my daughter and I experienced nearly 23 years ago. The writer talks about aliens that he believes "project light sources that resemble fireballs, cartoon characters, snakes, rabbits, dogs, bears, etc. with faint images that mutate and change." This is the part of his narrative that really caught my eye because that is much like what I believe my daughter, 10 years old at the time, watched one cold February (snow on the ground) night in our little town in North Dakota.

I wrote to you about this in the past and related that my daughter called out to me in the morning hours and asked me to get in the empty bottom bunk of her bunk beds and look out the window at the campground that is behind our house. I had gone to her room without turning on any lights so the house was completely dark with just moonlight and street lights coming in the windows. She had her bed pushed up against her bedroom window and had been watching, for almost an hour, what looked like some sort of "projection" of a mother raccoon with two little babies which would climb up on the picnic table and then down. At that time they would "mutate/change" into an old crone type woman, very bent with long hair hanging down around her face. She would walk around the area for a minute or two and then "mutate/change" into three columns that would move about the area in a sort of sliding motion, always staying close together. This group of columns went up into the night sky so far I couldn't see the top of it. The columns were black, unlike the raccoons and old woman which were gray, and like smoked glass, we were able to see through them. They would slide out of the campground, across highway 85, down the alley and out of sight and then come back and repeat the whole raccoon, old lady, column process again. It was like it was on a loop. I watched it repeat this process about 4 times all the while my daughter asking me in whispers, "What do you see now?" She had not told me what to look for so my running narrative of what I was seeing was not tainted by any previous knowledge. She would answer me with, "Yes, just keep watching!" After watching this continuous repetition I whispered, "I'm going to get your dad to see this. I went into our bedroom not turning on any lights, and whispered to my husband, "You have to see this!" I had gone over to the window in our room and pushed the shade aside and could see the event taking place quite clearly as the street lights illuminated the campground quite well. The minute his feet touched our bedroom floor every street light went out and none of the lights in our house would come on. We could no longer see the campground or the "things" we had been watching. My husband said, "well, I guess I wasn't supposed to see that," and lay back down. My daughter's scared little voice called out from her room, "Mom?" I answered that everything was ok and (this is also strange) after telling my husband what we had seen we all just went back to sleep.

I went out the next day and looked at the snow in the area where it took place but there were no tracks, etc. I have never given up looking for an explanation or a similar experience. My daughter moved her bed to the other side of the room. She says she called out to me that night because she was afraid she was losing her mind. We talk about our experience often, even 23 years later it seems like yesterday. ML

ref: http://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2018/02/weekend-2-cents-low-flying-oval-ufo.html






・埋め込み不可なので、下のリンク先へ Go


And all of a sudden a tree, a small tree, maybe eight foot long, with dirt on one end, come flying out of the bushes and hit this bear in the rump and, boy, he took off. He ran under where I was in the tree. And I turned around and watched him disappear through the grass. I was ready to get down out of the tree and I turned around and there was this thing standing there. Up until this time, I'd never heard of a Bigfoot or anything like that.

ref: クマに襲われかけたが、4本腕のビッグフットに助けられた (途中:その1) (2018-02-09)


・Bigfoot Throwing a Tree - NEW FOOTAGE!!!


Published on Jan 19, 2018
Alberta Canada, a dark shape comes out of the trees and throws a tree, seemingly in protest of an oil crew being there on his turf.

How far can you throw fifty pounds? With one arm, standing still? Try it.



・その 1。カメラのフレームが不自然に感じる。ビッグフット(らしき姿)が放り投げた樹の軌跡を予め予想したような構図になっている。つまり、最初のビッグフット(らしき姿)が画面の左側によりすぎている。本来ならば、放り投げる直前のシーンではビッグフットが画面の中央にくるように無意識に撮影する筈。ビッグフットに全くズームしようとしないのも不自然。

・その 2。重い樹が地面に落ちた時、樹が全く跳ね上がっていない。落下地点の地面が柔らかかったとしても、全ての運動エネルギーを吸収しきるとは思えない。これはかなり不自然。

・その 3。重い樹が地面に落ちた時、周囲の土壌が飛び散ったり草が揺れ動く筈だが、動画ではその気配がない。画面が荒くて見えないだけかも知れぬが。

・その 4。ビッグフットが樹を放り投げる必然性がなさそうに見える。目的もなく、わざわざ樹を放り投げるとは思えない。

・その 5。樹を放り投げる方向が偶然にしてはデキすぎている。捏造に都合がよすぎる方向になっている。奥の森の方や、手前側の空き地、あるいは左側に放り投げないのはなぜ?

・その 6。放り投げられた樹がブレず、まっすぐなのがやや不自然。あの姿勢で投げて、軸方向に回転運動を与えられるとは思えない。つまり、まっすぐに飛ぶとは思い難い。


クマに襲われかけたが、4本腕のビッグフットに助けられた (途中:その1)



・なお、助けてくれたビッグフットには腕が 4本あり、子供を抱えた母親のビッグフットだった…という点も珍しい。


Mama Bigfoot to the Rescue

Northern Wisconsin - 1964 - Bob in Ohio called to tell of his Bigfoot encounter:

“I never told this story to anyone but my family and maybe three other people. I'm a retired... I worked in science and I'm a skeptic of most of the things I hear about. This happened to me in 1964. My wife and I went out in the northern woods of Wisconsin, looking for a place to go camping. We weren't going camping, we were just looking. I was going through some really tall, wide grass and I saw a place up in front of me that looked like it was padded down, so I was very leery. So I went up there and peeked, and there's a bear in there. I told my wife to run and get my gun. She ran to the car. I ran over and swung up into a tree. And the bear was only maybe a first or second year bear. I didn't see the mother around or anything. I was so scared, I couldn't figure out what to do.

So I'm standing there, looking at this bear and I know bears climb trees but this one wasn't trying to climb it. It looked like he was playing with me. And all of a sudden a tree, a small tree, maybe eight foot long, with dirt on one end, come flying out of the bushes and hit this bear in the rump and, boy, he took off. He ran under where I was in the tree. And I turned around and watched him disappear through the grass. I was ready to get down out of the tree and I turned around and there was this thing standing there. Up until this time, I'd never heard of a Bigfoot or anything like that. I grew up in the city in Ohio, so I'd never heard of such a thing.

The first thing I really noticed was it had four arms. It had two arms that were long and it had two little arms that looked like it came out the back of its neck. And I think I froze. I don't know but I looked this creature in the eye. It had dark eyes and its face and eyes were one of the most peaceful things I ever seen. And I just stood there on this limb, looking at it ten feet away from me. The first thing that popped into my head was, it's an alien that had come from somewhere off this world. I don't know how long I stared at it but all my fear left me and I was just calm, standing there looking at this creature. And my wife come running back from the car. I had told her to get my pistol out of the car but it was the wrong car. It was in my other car. I wasn't gonna shoot it. I was gonna shoot at the bear and make noise and run it away. But anyway when I looked over at my wife and I thought, Oh my goodness, I'm not dreaming. And I looked back and I see it turn and walk about another ten feet away from me and go back into these bushes. Well, there was small trees and then in back of that there was a forest. Big trees.

Anyway, hanging on the back, what I thought was two extra arms, was a baby hanging in the back of it and it had a hold of the hair on the chest. It didn't look like anything from the ape family. I gotta tell you, I have a very good memory and I took a picture, more or less, unconsciously, of its face. I looked on the feet of the baby and they were flat. It had toes like people toes. It disappeared into the woods. And I'm just standing there. I'm just stunned still. My wife comes over and says, 'Where's the bear?' I said. 'It ran off.' She said, 'Why?' I said, 'That tree... that tree came flying out of the bushes and hit him in the rear end and he ran away.'”

Source: Ground Zero Radio with Clyde Lewis ? August 30, 2016

ref: http://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2018/02/mama-bigfoot-to-rescue.html


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