・二人の目撃者から 10m ほどの地点に降り立ち、羽の先にある爪から土埃が舞うのが見えたと。


Unknown Winged Creature Encountered in Chicago


Besides the winged humanoid sightings, there have been pterosaur-like sightings and encounters in the Chicago area. Vance A. Nesbitt, host of ‘The Caravan of Lore’ radio show and a member of the Chicago Phantom Task Force, had an interesting guest detail their encounter with an unknown winged creature. Vance writes:

"This story is from the later part of 2000. Tony grew up in the Chicago area and in his early 20's he attended the Chicago Job Corps school to advance his knowledge in the trades. The campus is off of Kedzie Ave. and the property is bordered by a tributary river.

It was a sunny midday when Tony and a friend were having a cigarette and facing the river when they noticed a large shadow gliding over the ground. He felt it to be odd but didn't pay much attention to what it since neither one looked up to see what it was. It was just a few moments later when both witnesses saw a large creature flying very close to the water surface of the river. Tony made first note of how odd this bird was because he thought it was a large tropical species. He was taken back as the bird drew closer. It was a murky green color…with scales on the body, but feathered wings. He stated that it had a very long tail, like a snake, with a small tufted feather on the tip.

This creature landed approximately 30 feet away from the two men when it began to use the claws on the leading edge of the wing to crawl up a small dirt rise. Tony mentioned that it truly reminded him of a prehistoric monster seen in books. This animal made it' way to the top of a drain inlet where it had climbed inside. Tony's friend began to yell profanities and throw small rocks at the beast to try to draw it back out, but Tony cautioned him not to do that because this encounter scared him and he had no idea of what this thing could do to them if it came to attack. Tony estimated the wingspan to be 5 feet and the body to be between 5 to 6 feet.
This brief encounter left him stunned and very upset. He insisted that he never wants see this creature ever again. The illustration is what I found that Tony says looks very close to what he saw. The drawing is what Tony did to illustrate how he saw the bird."

Ref: http://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2017/11/daily-2-cents-unknown-winged-creature.html





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