Project Veritas の暴露:NYT 編集者の自慢「Google と結託して情報操作している」(途中:その1)


・Project Veritas の更なる暴露を紹介。


  Project Veritas :「NYT 編集者が著しい政治的な偏向を自慢」した盗撮動画を公開 (2017-10-11)

 で暴露された NYT 編集者の続報。

・彼は Google/Yourube の仲間と結託して情報操作をしていると自慢していたと。

・Google(=思想警察)はトップが率先して露骨に Hillary に加担していた(過去記事でその具体的証拠を紹介済み)から、完全に組織ぐるみとみて間違いないはず。


・American Pravda, NYT Part II ? Exploiting Social Media & Manipulating the News


O'Keefe Drops Part 2: NYT Editor Brags About Colluding With YouTube To Push Political Agenda

Today, Project Veritas is back with part 2 of their New York Times series which features Dudich bragging about his extensive contacts at YouTube that allow him to, among other things, bypass search algos and get his content promoted to the front page and/or buried, depending upon his personal preferences.

"As an editor, I'm a gatekeeper so I can choose what goes out and what doesn't go out. And let's say we wrote something about Facebook negatively... We actually just did a video about Facebook negatively, and I chose to put it in a spot that I knew wouldn't do well."

"Let's say something ends up on the YouTube front page, New York Times freaks out about it, but they don't know it's just because my friends curate the front page. So, it's like, a little bit of mystery you need in any type of job to make it look like what you do is harder than what it is."

Meanwhile, Earnest Pettie, the Brand and Diversity Curation Lead at YouTube - and Dudich's friend and former coworker at Fusion ABC - was also caught on video describing how he buries videos posted by "Alex Jones" while promoting videos from "legitimate news organizations," a designation which he is seemingly allowed to make autonomously.

"There are things that exist in the product that, like, are definitely optimized for news."

"Now, like last night if you searched for Hugh Hefner, there's the search results but then there's also... A carousel comes up with a page that's just news videos.

"There's this need, people are searching for a topic that is, that our systems know is a 'newsy' topic, so let's give them videos that we know to be newsy because we know we have these news partnerships."

"Realistically, that's what the... that's what the news carousel kind of does. So like, it's above the search results so, at the very least, we can say this shelf of videos from news partners is legitimate news because we know that these are legitimate news organizations. And if at that point, somebody decides they're going to scroll past that and go find Alex Jones, well, they were looking for him to begin with anyway."

Ref: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-10-11/okeefe-drops-part-2-nyt-editor-brags-about-colluding-youtube-facebook-push-political





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