3年以上かけてビルマから故郷のイギリスまで大半を徒歩で戻ってきた老齢夫婦 (途中:その1)






Have you ever met someone only for 2-3 days but remembered them your whole life?

Gordon Bonnet, works at Writers and Authors
Answered Sep 21

Yes, and it wasn’t even two or three days, it was more like twenty minutes.

When I was in my 30s I did a solo hiking trip across England, from the Irish Sea to the North Sea. When I was in a little village near Hadrian’s Wall I saw an old lady, maybe 75 years old, walking toward me. She looked like she could have stepped right out of an Agatha Christie novel - pastel dress, sensible shoes, a hat with a bow, even a parasol to keep the sun off.

As she passed me, she gave me a smile and said, “Are you out for a ramble?”

I told her about the hiking trip I was on.

Her smile broadened, and she said, “Oh, lovely! I do so love a nice ramble. You know, my husband was in the foreign service, and when he retired, we walked home from Burma.”

I stared at her, thinking I must have misheard her. Or, perhaps, there was a town ten miles away named “Burma.” She must have noticed my astonishment, because she continued to explain. “You see, we were stationed in Rangoon, and when he retired, we had nowhere we had to be. So we decided to walk home. We crossed into Bangladesh, and then into India, trekked up into Nepal and across the northern parts of Pakistan. We were fortunate, because having been in the foreign service for decades, we knew people all through the region - they were all former British colonies, of course.

“We did take a light plane across Afghanistan, which was a bit dicey even back then. But we had a lovely time crossing up through the Middle East, then into Turkey. We crossed the Bosporus on a ferry, then went through Greece and into northern Italy, crossed the Alps into France, and when we got to the Channel we took the ferry across that, too. And presto, we were home!”

Presto indeed. I asked her how long it took them.

“Oh, a little over three years, I think.” She laughed. “We weren’t really keeping track very well, I’m afraid.”

And, as it turned out, she and her husband did all this when they were in their upper 60s.

I’ll never forget that experience - talking with the little old lady who bested my hiking experience in the sweetest, most understated fashion possible… the little old lady who “walked home from Burma.”

Ref: https://www.quora.com/Have-you-ever-met-someone-only-for-2-3-days-but-remembered-them-your-whole-life




・なので…。この老女の作り話的なジョークを Gordon Bonnet が信じ込んだだけ、あるいはこの話全体が彼の作り話だった…という可能性が高いのでは。





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