・21:20 ごろ。複数の目撃者。


Winged Humanoid Confronts Shocked Chicago Witnesses

The witness, 'AG' and her husband (who live in the Washington, DC suburbs), are in Chicago visiting her parents, who live at 1400 Lake Shore Dr. She was born and raised in Chicago and went to college there also.

Last night (Wednesday 8/9/2017) at approximately 9:20PM CT, the witness and her husband were returning to her parent's residence after taking a brief walk along N. Lake Shore Dr. (walking south). As they approached E. Schiller St. they noticed something large & dark flying towards them from their left (from the direction of Lake Michigan). Both witnesses were startled, as the flying anomaly crossed ahead of them at an altitude of 20 or so feet. They watched the anomaly sweep upwards, over the trees in front of 1400 N. Lake Shore Dr., then stop in mid-air after it reached a height just a few stories from the top of the building. It hovered with a large pair of wings for approximately 5 seconds, as it seemed to focus on the windows in front of it. It then bent backwards and fell into a dive down towards the trees.

The witness 'AG' described the winged being as 'human-like' with a small head that narrowed at the top. It had legs like a human with long feet that tapered. Neither witness noticed any arms. The body was 5-6 feet in height and it had wide wings that resembled the top wings of a butterfly, attached along the body. The illumination from the building entrance could be seen through the wings, so it looked to be made of a skin or membrane. The wing span was easily 10+ feet. The legs pulsated as it hovered in the air. The overall color was very dark...like a deep bluish-green. The skin on the body may have been moist, since it was shiny. The eyes were large compared to the head size...slightly slanted, and alternated back and forth in brightness. It made no noise, other than a slight humming from the pulsating legs. Both witnesses stated that they felt 'a vibration that emanated from the being.'

The witness did see at least one camera flash come from across the street. Neither witness was able to retrieved their phones...the fear and shock was too profound during the encounter. AG stated that she literally 'fell to her knees' after the incident, and that her husband had to assist her the rest of the way. Neither witness has slept more than an hour or two since their encounter 18 hours previous.

Ref: http://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2017/08/winged-humanoid-confronts-shocked.html







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