・X は相手の眼を覗きこむ事で心を読み取れるのだと。その能力を用いてラスベガスでも大勝したと。

When he got back to the United States this fellow had an uncanny ability at playing poker. He could win all the time because he could get inside the mind of the people who were at the table with him. He would go to Las Vegas every weekend and come home with between 50 and 70 thousand dollars and it was because he could sort of insert his own consciousness into the minds of other people around him. He said it was all done through the eyes. The eyes were literally the windows of the soul.


This individual had an unusual blood type which lead to excessive clotting if he had anything with vitamin K in his diet. At one point he had a blood clot that got into his brain he went into a coma. He was in a coma for about two weeks and when he came out he was paralyzed for most of the left side of his body. His girlfriend was a doctor, student. After about five or six months he had regained most of the motor control on the left side of his body but it had enhanced his physic abilities to the point where he could actually do things with his mind. He could actually psychically heal without touching people.

・X は、対象となる人物の写真の眼を視ることで、その人物の思考を読み取るだけではなく、そのまま殺害することができるようになったと。そして北朝鮮のトップを殺害したと。

This was in December of 2011. They took him into a room and they sat him down with a number of photographs and they showed him just the eyes, a high resolution photograph of someone with sort of Asian looking eyes, and they said, 'Tell us what this guy is thinking.' So he looked in the eyes, captured the frequency of the consciousness of this target and he said, 'Well, I can't tell you what he's thinking because he's actually thinking in his native tongue. It sounds like it might be Chinese, Japanese or Korean.' He said, 'I can't tell you, but he knows that I'm inside his head and he's highly upset, highly agitated and very frightened. He's on a military train of some kind, he's with a bunch of military personnel. But I cant really tell you what hes thinking because he's thinking in his own native language.' They said, 'Okay, kill him!' So he stopped this guy's heart.

'the leader of North Korea died of massive heart attack on a train two days ago on the very day you were doing that targeting.

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