・シカゴで「空飛ぶヒューマノイド」(or 未知生物)が最近になって頻繁に目撃されていることは過去記事で取り上げた。




New Sketch...Chicago Flying Humanoid

This new sketch was just received from witness Billy B. (March 22nd, 2017 sighting). Billy B. has agreed to discuss his sighting on Arcane Radio Wednesday, June 7th at 10PM ET. Our featured guest will be paranormal investigator Dave Spinks from Society of the Supernatural


Ref: http://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2017/06/daily-2-cents-new-sketchchicago-flying.html


Truck Driver Observes Large Bat-Like Humanoid Gliding Over Cicero, Illinois

I received an email on evening of Sunday, May 28th from another flying humanoid witness in Chicago. I immediately contacted the witness by telephone. Below is the email (some information is redacted):

My name is Billy B. I drive a semi with a large carrier company in Chicago. On March 22nd, I was at Rosen's (Alpha Baking) on Cicero Ave. and 290 expressway in Chicago. I was picking up a load of bread there. I noticed a flying object at around noon in the airspace to the south coming from Midway Airport. The object looked like a man with wings - like Batman. I thought it was an experimental drone or secret government military test. After seeing the picture by the Indian statue (8/22/2011 - 63rd and Pulaski Rd in Chicago, IL sighting), I am convinced it was the thing these other folks have seen.

I have 3 witnesses for that day and the text to prove it happened. I absolutely swear it was this "Mothman". The object was gliding over me and disappeared in the clouds. It is very loud by the expressway and I have had no recollection of screaming. Shortly after I saw this thing, I had a litany of strange health problems that are documented. My eyes are even messed up, like the movie and other claims. I have all the documentation to prove my story.

I hope I am not considered a freak after this but this sighting can be proven well before the other sightings were reported. I have nothing to gain by reporting this so call me if you have questions. The health issues are very odd and serious. I have had several MRI tests and a lumbar puncture due to the pressure behind my eyes. Now, these issues could be due to some other disease that has no diagnosis.

NOTE: I called Billy B. as soon as I received the email. He explained that this figure was the size of a large automobile, and looked exactly like the 8/22/2011 sighting (refer to the interactive map...click sighting number 1 for the photo). He also mentioned that it was in Midway International Airport airspace.

Ref: http://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2017/05/truck-driver-observes-large-bat-like.html





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