山中で薬草を採取していたら Shadow People が出現した


・Shadow People については過去記事で何度も紹介してきた。過去記事で紹介した Shadow People の事例では主に部屋や家屋の内部に出現していた。



Shadow Beings in the Mountains

I recently received the following information in response to my post 'The Rake vs. Rogue Dryad':


I live in Catawba county about 80 miles east of the Asheville area. I'm 60 yrs old and have a moderate amount of psychic talent. My mother's family all come from the region west of Asheville in the Nantahala Gorge. In the 60's and early 70s, it was sparsely populated, and extremely rugged and (in some places), inaccessible. My grandmother would keep me and my sisters during the summer months and we'd help her out on her small farm (Her closest neighbor was 1 1/2 miles away over two VERY steep mountains. Also, no roads, TV, one station on the radio. Pretty much isolated from the outside world.) Anyway, Grandma was always hyper superstitious. No one was allowed outside after dark and she always carried a loaded pistol. My great grandmother was considered by almost everyone to be a 'witch', and had a profound knowledge of healing herbs and plants. I would accompany her when she would go to gather her 'medicine'.

On one such trip we had walked approximately 5-6 miles into a place she had never taken me before. We gathered some ginseng, bone set, wild mushrooms? and a few others when all of a sudden, an extremely strong sense of 'not belonging,' or more accurate, being out of phase with the surrounding. Like you're half there and half not, if that makes sense. My great grandma snapped her head up and screamed a string of (words?) And to this day I can't find anything remotely close. She said we had stayed too long and needed to get home before dark because we weren't safe. It gets dark quick between the mountains and we were in the dark for the last hour of the very fast walk home.

But here's the scariest thing: after dark there were "things" all around us! You could plainly hear them walking, or running, beside us - even in front of us. And a whistling, kind of 'language', that never stopped. When I asked her who it was, the only thing she said was "it's the ghosts of the woods". She chanted some kind of mantra until we made it home. I did see two figures in the woods that night- one was a shadow being that was dark and had a human outline. The other, I have no idea! It was blacker than black, tall and broad, and FLOWED across the ground!

I asked my great grandmother and grandmother numerous times what had happened, but neither one would ever say anything about it. Over the years my great grandmother taught me many things about the paranormal, practical magic and herb life. She lived to be 107 yrs old. My opinion is that we went into a opened portal and we're being stalked! So, the idea of a Dryad in Asheville? ABSOLUTELY!

Some of the deepest wild places still harbor creatures we know nothing about! RJ

Ref: http://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2017/05/daily-2-cents-shadow-beings-in.html





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