...something that happened to me back in 2010 ...

I live out in farm country in southern Ohio, about 10 miles north of Chillicothe.


As I ran my light around the back yard just looking (it was dark and I don’t like outside light...I like to look at the stars) I observed two round objects approx. 2 feet in diameter and about 6 to 8 inches apart. These objects were about 12 feet off the ground and probably a few hundred feet behind my house. There was nothing visible supporting them. Just those two objects that really made me feel like I was looking at large eyes, nothing else but darkness. I am a very logical person and have worked in engineering/scientific jobs all my life and this was just fascinating to me. I sensed nothing evil or dangerous and frankly if the dogs aren’t alarmed, neither am I.

I observed that whatever these things were, they did not emit light, only reflected it. My first experiment turned out to have the most profound result. I picked up a shot gun I have by my back door, aimed it at the “eyes” and said, “perhaps I’ll just blow you away!” The eyes immediately went dark...or shut. I thought, my God, it understands English! I put the gun down and said, “I promise, I won’t harm you.” They popped back open. I stood there reflecting several different types of flashlights (LED, incandescent, blue, yellow, etc.) to prove to myself that these eyes were not emitting light and discovered that the different color light I shined on them didn’t always reflect the same color.

This went on for about 15 minutes and I should point out that these “eyes” never blinked, except in the beginning when I made my threat with the gun. After this, the eyes seemed to slowly turn from facing me to 90 degrees to my right and never losing their aspect ratio with each other or relationship to the ground, and vanished.


However, a few nights later a friend of mine brought his girlfriend out and as they were climbing my driveway (900 feet at 25 degree incline!), his headlights shone on the “eyes” at the top of the drive way and his girlfriend screamed bloody murder and scared the hell out of him...so did the eyes when he saw them. She has always been convinced it was a demon and never came out to my house again.

Ref: http://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2017/02/eyes-in-dark.html





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