"Project Serpo" が Richard Doty の捏造である証拠 (途中:その2)

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・(2017-02-08 追加)Bill Ryan が捏造に加担していたことを示唆する別の証拠を追加。


・"Project Serpo" については下の過去記事で取り上げた。

  ・ロズウェル事件: Serpo の情報公開(1-21) [その1] (2011-07-14)

  ・Project SERPO : 壮大な UFO/異星人の捏造物語(途中:その2) (2015-02-15)

  ・ Project Serpo に関する Richard C. Doty と Whitley Strieber の見解 (途中:その1)  (2015-09-04)

・この "Project Serpo" が Richard Doty の捏造である根拠を詳しく説明している記事群を紹介する。さらに Bill Ryan がこの捏造に加担していた疑いも濃いとある。




・Richard Doty による捏造の根拠

To: victorgm@webtv.net
Subject: IP address check / Bomb Shell

4 Nov to 29 Nov 22 Rick Doty 7 Paul McGovern ANON 1st e-mail

1 Dec to 13 Dec 96 Rick 11 Paul McGovern 2 Terrence West

13 Dec to 15 Dec 9 Rick Doty

17 Dec to 2 Feb 160 Rick Doty 1 LANL

HOW is this possible?! Had a rival USG agency already "hijacked" your
computer and then decided to strike right AFTER POSTING #11? You may
have had your doubts about me, but believe me, I had my doubts about

BOTTOM LINE: This is the PRIMARY reason I had to determine that you
were a REAL PERSON and NOT Rick playing both you, him and two (2) other
people! This should give you plenty to think about over a couple of
burgers! ?

ソース: http://www.realityuncovered.com/page2.shtml

・Bill Ryan が捏造に加担していた疑いが濃いという根拠。

All Your Base Are Belong To Us
On the 6th February 2006, with Request Anonymous having switched allegiance from Victor Martinez to Bill Ryan nearly two weeks previously, an email was delivered to the serpo contact email account that changed everything. Victor had tried to email Bill using his private Virgin account, but the message was returned undelivered, prompting Victor to resend it to the contact address. The top level email was the non-delivery report, entitled "Bill: your e-mail bounced!" along with a couple of attachments. The first attachment was an email from Bill to Victor and was in response to a number of discussions that were taking place about the switch mentioned at the top of this paragraph.

Bill to Victor:

Hi, Victor,

This is a very important but enigmatic message for which I personally apologize (because I prefer to be straight, but in this instance cannot).

1) Continue to trust me fully. I know exactly what I'm doing and why.

2) You'll know what this feels like, but there are some things I cannot discuss - including the reasons for being unable to discuss them.

3) PUT DOWN the IP address issue, PLEASE DO NOT respond to questions from anyone, and DOWNPLAY it all. Find a way to RETRACT (if pushed into a corner) your suggestion that Hal is an independent arbiter of a comparison. I know that may not be comletely simple to do, but is important.

I absolutely understand you've been trying to do the right thing and always have done. I've always publicly defended your integrity and will continue to do so. But it's very important this issue is not under scrutiny and it's all a little dangerous right now because of certain factors.

There's an extremely good reason for this... which will come out in the wash later, and then you'll understand and agree.

Will you support me on this? I'd be reassured if you could give me affirmation.

With best wishes as always - Bill

ソース: http://www.realityuncovered.net/ufology/articles/serpo/




・Bill Ryan が加担していたとすると、過去記事の以下の部分が違和感なく納得できる。

・1:17:00 あたりから。Bill Ryan が Richard C. Doty に直接、語りかけている。二人は Project Serpo については意気投合している。

ソース: Project Serpo に関する Richard C. Doty と Whitley Strieber の見解 (途中:その1)  (2015-09-04)



・Bill Ryan が捏造に加担していたことを強く示唆する別の証拠を述べた記事を下に追加する。

・なお、下の記事が事実かどうかは未確認(裏取りのチェックは暇人 熱心な真実の探求者に任せたい…w)。


  ・内部告発者が最初に掲示板に登場し、情報をリークさせたのは 2005年11月30日

  ・内部告発者の登場の「後に」、その情報が重大であることを鑑みて Bill Ryan は SERPO のサイトを開設したことになっている。

  ・だが、SERPO のサイトのインターネットへの登録日は内部告発者の登場の前の 2005年11月18日 だった。

・追記:(SERPO のサイトの登録日だけは簡単なのでチェックしたよ。それが下。)


 チェックに用いたサイト: http://tech-unlimited.com/whois.html


Ok, so Playing the game of Occam's Razor... i've come up with this...

I'm still researching, but this is the MOST basic explaination that I can come up with...

Using the razor, I'll probably hit somewhere close to the dartboard... after that, I'll work on hitting bull...


There are a few things that strike me as rather coincidental regarding the beginnings of the SERPO hoax...

1) We all know Centrist was the legal rep for ATS.

2) Serpo.org was registered on November 18, 2005.

3) Centrist introduces the world to SERPO on Nov 30th, 12 days later...

4) Thirty3 attempts to get the message across but fails... while Centrist has no problems getting it going, most likely with sock support.

5) Zep Tepi was a mod at ATS at the time

6) Springer enabled, and encouraged the formation of R.U.

Keeping this in mind... I'll lay out the following theory...

Springer dreams up this hoax with Centrist... They move to start Project SERPO.

SERPO takes off, and is a monumental success... there's a monster thread, and the whole likes... perhaps during a staff meeting, Centrist and Springer tell S.O. that the entire thing is a hoax...

For some reason this pisses S.O. off... and "Boom Boom out go the lights".

But, the thread doesn't die... its too big now...

So with full support, Ryguy and Zep Tepi run off and form RealityUncovered... which will become the "new home" of serpo.

They keep "researching" and digging... and then Tacticus Monroe makes his appearance... tacticus is really Ryguy and Zep Tepi... Springer hints at the fact he knows the identity of Tacticus Monroe...

Victor Martinez makes the claim that the CIA has visited Serpo.org... Might tall claim considering he's a school teacher in California and a convicted felon... but non the less, he figures he might want to chomp at a little bit of fame...

A mod from ATS volunteers to check the logs on the SERPO site... this Mod (of course) Zep Tepi Zep is allowed access to the Serpo.org site to see if its "real".

Of course Zep Tepi is in cahoots... so obviously this leads in whatever direction the puppetmasters wish. A CIA visit would only validate their story... Zep Tepi leads the masses in the direction that the puppetmasters see fit...

Zep Tepi and Ryguy are exposed as Tacticus...and claim the moniker was used to "flush out" the REAL sources of the SERPO Hoax...

Suddenly, Pandolfi appears... claims that "Anonymous" only talks to him now! Doty is out! (Zep and Springer don't send him any more "anonymous" emails... as part of the fraud is already out in the open.)

RU SERPO talk dies down...

OMF picks up the torch... and accordingly, Pandolfi...

The SERPO saga is now in the hands of an alphabet agency man...

Additional info to keep in mind:

Directly before SERPO broke... WITD II was a "game" set up by ATS... directly before WITD II, The Rings game... they were dabbling in ARG's...

After Serpo, ATS membership got nice "exclusive" hoaxed photographs directly from S.O. to drool over...

Ref: http://www.amkon.net/archive/index.php?t-3596.html

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