John Alexander の "MJ-12" の存在を肯定した発言の詳細 (途中:その1)



Grant Cameron : MJ-12 の組織が実在した事を示す根拠(途中:その1) (2014-08-21)

・Dr. John Alexander の突然の宗旨替え(MJ-12 否定 → 肯定)。

 で John Alexander の宗旨替え(MJ-12 否定 → 肯定)をチラリと紹介したが、放置したままだった。


・この件に関する John Alexander の発言は要するに…


The second piece of new evidence came from a very unlikely source ? Dr. John Alexander. John was a Colonel in the US Army, and had been interested in the UFO mystery since a young boy in 1947. He also had done work on “esoteric projects, specifically in the intelligence community with psychokinesis.”

Alexander wrote a book on his UFO investigations called “UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities.” In the book Alexander pointed out that although UFOs are real, they are of no interest to the American government, and therefore there is no cover-up of the facts by American officials.

Alexander is also well known in the UFO community for hosting a Top Secret ? Special Access series of meetings in the mid-1980s to look at the UFO problem for a possible new government look at the problem. The group was called the Advance Theoretical Physics Group and interestingly had exactly the same “Top Secret- Restricted Classification” as the MJ-12 document.

In a June 15, 2013 interview with radio show host Nancy Du Tetre Alexander, Alexander suddenly announced that the MJ-12 group had existed.[ii] This sudden disclosure was strange. That is because the MJ-12 controversy is central to the whole government cover-up theory believed by most in the UFO community. Yet Alexander did not talk about the MJ-12 idea in his book which had as its basic premise that there is no government control group dealing with the UFO mystery.

This is the transcript of the interaction;

Alexander: I think that there actually was a group and they were created something known as COG ? continuity of government ? and it was to prevent nuclear decapitation of the United States. It was really super super sensitive.

Nancy Du Tetre: Well let me ask you this. Does MJ-12 as far as you know exist today?

Alexander: I don’t think so. I had someone whisper to me that it had existed. I didn’t think it had existed at all, but when I looked into it and asked if the names were correct, and they said yes and that should tell me what I need to know to figure it out. That’s how we came up with this particular occupation because most of them were into nuclear warfare. That was one common thread of all the people on the list, and much more so certainly than with UFOs.[iii]

This claim was repeated during a panel at the 2014 UFO Congress that was moderated by Alejandro Rojas. I asked John Alexanto identify the high level source who had confirmed MJ-12 and the names on the document to him. Alexander evaded an answer but did confirm again that he had been told MJ-12 was for real and that the names on the document released by Good, Friedman, Shadera, and Moore were correct.

Even though Alexander’s personal opinion of what the group might have been differs from the UFOP control group interpretation, the significance of what Alexander said cannot be emphasized enough. MJ-12 existed and the names on the UFO document that appeared on a film in the mailbox of Jamie Shandera in 1984 were correct.





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