Alex Grey の幻視:神々と悪霊たちが人類の精神エネルギーを栄養源としていた (途中:その2)

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・(2015-12-30 追加) 絵画の簡単な説明を追加(途中)。


・未知の知的存在が人類を喰い物にしている…という主張は古代からグノーシス思想などでお馴染みのもの。現代でも Robert Monroe が唱えた Loosh(ルーシュ)説も同様の趣旨だし、EO も関連の体験を著書で述べていた。

・Alex Grey (有名な画家。DMT 関連の過去記事で彼の絵画を何度も掲載してきた)が タイトルの趣旨の体験をした様子を取り上げた Podcast を紹介する。

・Alex Grey は画家なので幻視の内容を言葉だけではなく、絵画としても表現しており、Robert Monroe や EO の抽象的な文章表現よりも分かりやすい。

・Alex Grey and the Mind Parasites

・上の動画はかなり荒い。なので緻密な画像を探してきた。それが下。絵画のタイトルは "Deities and Demons Drinking From The Milky Pool" で文字通りの意味。


(画像ソース: http://alexgrey.com/art/paintings/soul/deities-and-demons-drinking-from-the-milky-pool/








・上の Podcast で語られていた Alex Grey の幻視の内容が興味深かったのでネットを漁ると、下のサイトに Alex Grey の体験内容が文章として掲載されていた。




A Vision of the Top of the Food Chain

Here’s the painting by Alex Grey which Elizabeth Teklinski talked about in her comment above with a quote by him:

“I had a vision of the group soul of humanity as a perfectly circular pool of intense living light. All around the rim of the milky pool were a complex variety of sexual rites, a metaphor for all social interaction. Translucent Hindu deities swooped over the group taking the excessive energy of the shimmering pool and passing through the group as ecstasy and pain. I saw that the reason we were all brought together was to provide a psychic energy feast for the Gods and Goddesses. I saw my heart as the axis of karmic, earthly, and universal energies, transected by and uniting the polarities of male/female, birth/death, good/evil, and love/hate. To maintain a balance of forces we all fed both Deities and Demons.” ? Alex Grey

“This visionary experience eventually became the masterpiece: Demons and Deities Drinking from the Milky Pool.

A Vision of the Top of the Food Chain

The demons and deities were feeding from a pool of “vibratory energetic milk” created from human activities of all kinds, though Alex used sexual coupling to represent human activities in general. I suggested that that the couplings were visual shorthand of human energetic transactions of all kinds and Alex responded enthusiastically to that description. Apparently, the deities were drinking from a vibratory pool of the energetic metabolism of the species so that through the pool they were drawing energy from the entire species.

A reductive way of describing Alex’s vision is to say that it represents the very top of the food chain. The painting, however, is much more than that; it is a revelation of the human form transcending the food chain. Transcendence does not mean removing or floating above something. What you transcend is still present, and the transcendent state includes that which is transcended while new vistas of awareness are added. Alex’s paintings are “forbidden seeing” ?revelations of what is hidden but that the species desperately needs to see. Conventionally we see ourselves as the top of the food chain, but Demons and Deities… reveals this as a delusion convenient to those who harvest our energy. Another realization about this painting is that it is a classic illustration of the alchemical principle of “as above, so below.” We see the same range, if more polarized, of darkness and light amongst the deities at the cardinal points of the mandala as we do in the human couplings that form the perimeter. And there was also a similar dark/light range in the chaotic loft where some people were acting out dark compulsions while Alex was receiving this transcendent vision.”

? from “Alex Grey and the Mind Parasites” by Jonathan Zap
--- http://aetherforce.com/a-vision-of-the-top-of-the-food-chain/


(2015-12-17) 作成
(2015-12-30) 追加

蛇足:以下、FC2 のサイトにもこの Blog の記事にも、まして広告には全然、関係ないことだがあくまで一般論として…。楽して簡単にカネが手に入る…といった類の儲け話は真に受けない方がいい、と警察のヒトが言ってました。




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