Forbes : Twitter に大量の偽アカウントがあり、5ドルで 1万人のフォロアーが買える

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On top of all that, many of the “users” on social media sites aren’t real people at all ? they’re celebrity staff tweeting on behalf of their employer, or PRs promoting a company, or even fake accounts for people that don’t exist at all. In fact, half of all Twitter accounts created in 2013 have already been deleted.

“Twitter is in the centre of public interest and politicians or companies are often ranked by number of followers or re-tweets or the like ? so, there is a whole “web optimisation” industry offering services to make you look better on Twitter ? everybody can buy 10,000 followers for $5,” Pfeffer said.



・Web 閲覧時にはソーシャルメディアの表示がうざいので Addblock Plus のオプション "Social Blocking List" で全て除去しているw

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