Linda Moulton Howe が空軍基地で Richard Doty から秘密情報を見せられた状況を語る(途中:その1)


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・FORBIDDEN ARCHEOLOGY 2: Ancient Alien Discoveries of Early Man


・この動画に登場している Linda の顔も手もハリがあるからかなり昔のインタビューの映像を上の動画では用いている筈。

・ついでなので…。 Richard Doty が Linda を騙した時の詳細をラジオ番組のインタビューで語っている。その証言を下に引用しておく。

AB : Art Bell
RD : Richard Doty
GB: Was one of the other ones with Linda Howe?
RD: Yes, the other one was Linda Howe.
AB: Holy Mackerel. Alright, well I am gonna want tohear a lot about that, Richard. Are willing to talk about disinformation fed to Linda?
RD: Sure.
AB: Alright, my goodness, alright gentlemen, let meaks Richard when was that? Can you recall?
RD: I believe it was the 83/84 time frame.
AB: 83/84
RD: Yeah, she, Linda did a very good piece on cattle mutilations some years before that.
AB: Oh yeah she did. Well listen, let’s take a break right now. You two hold on. This will give somebody time to call Linda up and say hey Linda you better turn on the radio. Disinformation, do we really do that? Did you ever doubt it?
AB: Well as I was saying in the first hour, you never know what you are going to run into on talk radio. It is just one of those wild things. It is unlike any other medium in the world. Here we have run straight into a disinformation agent, and I want to make sure I am pronouncing your name correctly, is it Richard Doty?
RD: Yes
AB: that is correct. Richard, it is not every day that you get to talk to somebody that freely admits that they are a disinformation specialist. Anyway, you dropped the name Linda Moulton-Howe before the break, so what in the world did you do to Linda?
RD: Well, in 83, she did a cattle mutilation story I think I the late 70s with a Denver station. She used to work for a Denver station before she went on her own. Linda was going to air a, or she was working on a UFO special and for some reason the government didn’t want her to air that, and so we worked an operation against her. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a very successful operation, because, although the television special was never aired, it somewhat backfired on us.
AB: Tell me about the operation.
RD: Well, we, Linda was invited to Kirtland Air Force Base, and I was the primary agent, there were two other agents involved in it, not just me but there were two others.
AB: Yes.
RD: And we invited her to Kirtland, we showed her some information pertaining to UFOs, we showed her a document and tried to bring her in and hook her on a hook, and she took it initially and then we carried on a contact with her over a period of time, meeting her at different locations and providing her with some information.
AB: You were doing this on official orders?
RD: Oh yes, for sure, absolutely.
AB: Alright, Linda was indeed, I guess, about to doa special on cattle mutilations, she has been concentrating on that for years, so what was it exactly you tried to sell her?
RD: We tried to sell her that the promise that we were going to assist her with information. That we were actually going to provide her with some legitimate information for her special, but what we were doing was delaying it. Now, we also had an operation, the government, I didn’t have anything to do with this other operation, where another entity on the east coast, one of the broadcasting companies. And they were doing something different there, and I amnot privy to what they were doing there.
GB: Was that with HBO, Rick?
RD: I believe it was HBO, yes.
GB: Because, HBO was the one sponsoring the special. Linda kept telling them she was going to get some film from you, and like you said, stringing them along…
AB: Oh god, I remember that. Linda told me about that.
GB: Yeah, and then HBO scrapped the special becauseshe never got the film that thought was going to be the crowning achievement of the documentary.
AB: And that was somebody you knew, Richard?
RD: Somebody I knew as far as?
AB: Feeding her that information.
RD: I was doing it.
AB: You were personally doing it?
RD: I was, well it wasn’t just me, there were threeother people involved with it, three other agents.
AB: And the motivation again, for the government ordering you to do this, was to delay the airing of the special?
RD: Yes.
AB: Alright, there is no way we cannot know you arenot feeding us disinformation now.
RD: Well I am out of the business (Art Bell laughs). I have been out of the business for a long time. I have no reason to be disinforming you now.
AB: Uh huh.
RD: Linda is aware of this. I mean, I have had a number of contacts with Linda Howe over the years and she is aware of this, but what we were also trying to do is, she was involved with some other things, some other research, pertaining to UFOs, and we were trying to feed her information to lead her astray.
AB: Well, Richard you must know a lot more about this. In other words, if you are trying to get Linda to delay the release of a special about animal mutilations, maybe you can tell me something about animal mutilations, or did your job not include the need to know that?
RD: My job did not have anything to do with, well Ididn’t have the specific knowledge at the time to understand what the government was doing with cattle, or…
AB: Do you now?
RD: Yes I do. We might want to leave that for another day.
AB: Why?
RD: Well it’s really a complicated…
AB: Well I would like to know. If it’s, so you are telling me it si the government mutilating and abducting these cattle.
RD: Only, there was a small operation, and I learned this later. I had no official knowledge of this during the time. I didn’t have the clearance for it then. I learned this later. I learned this after I got out of OSI. In fact, I was a civilian when I learned this, and I learned this in a room with six or seven other intelligence officers who were also retired and telling stories.
AB: Alright, well tell me a story. What was our government doing with these cows?
RD: Our government was collecting certain things from these cows. Now it wasn’t just cattle, actually it was horses and elk, deer and things, and they were using it to create a bio, some kind of a bio prevention system. Biological agent prevention system. And they were injecting these cows, and then
they would come back and take certain organs from these cows, and they developed a unique method of doing it by draining the blood first and then taking certain organs.
AB: Alright, maybe you can explain the part of thisthat I have never been able to grasp, Richard, and that is why would the government need to do this tofarmers cows when they could easily get their own cows?
RD: That is why it is a complicated system. It’s again, it stemmed around, wanting, the government is doing this, but they wanted everybody to think it was something else, some other entity doing it.
AB: They wanted people to think it was aliens?
RD: Aliens, yeah. Now I said, I didn’t know that atthe time. I learned this later. It had nothing to do with that operation, so I had no first-hand knowledge then of that.
AB: So you now believe though, reports of cattle mutilations and all the rest of it, are indeed true, but are indeed done by our government.
RD: Well, no. Well, initially yes, because this operation, the government operation ceased in 1982, itwas from 70 something, 77/78 until 82.
AB: But you aren’t in the government now, so you can’t really tell what they are doing.
RD: Well, no I don’t really, but I know the government operation ceased in 82. Now if there are cattle mutilations after that, according to my sources, who were involved in that operation then, it wasn’t the government doing it, so we don’t know who was doingit after that.
AB: I also have received allegations, on the computer where I get messages here, on my fast blast, that you fed Stanton Friedman disinformation, is that true?
RD: No, I never had anything to do with Stan Friedman.
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