MIB(Men in Black)はゾンビ?


・UFO 事件における MIB の 登場は 1940年代にまで遡る。

・MIB と出会った人物たちの証言によると…

  ・彼らは UFO 目撃者の自宅を夜、それもかなり遅くなってから訪れる。(吸血鬼のように太陽が沈んでから…)



ソース: http://mysteriousuniverse.org/2013/08/men-in-black-space-zombies/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=men-in-black-space-zombies



 1924年5月、ウエストバージニア州:巨大 UFO の墜落現場と MIB の出現(途中:その2)

 に登場する MIB の場合はこんな感じ(MIB のシーンは過去記事では未紹介のまま放置中)。

  ・記者が UFO の墜落現場で破片をこっそり拾ってコートのポケットに入れ、自宅に持ち帰った。

  ・その夜の 03:00(AM)にどうやって探し当てたのか記者の自宅に MIB が出現し、拾ったブツを返せと迫る。

  ・コートのポケットから取り出してコレかね? と渡すと MIB は無言でブツひったくって出て行った。


About three a. m. somebody started pounding on his door. He got up and looked and there was an army officer standing there. He was dressed in one of those broad-brimmed hats they used to wear, with those leg wrappings and all. It was a U.S. Army uniform, but except for his clothes he looked just like those foreigners from the airplane. Slant eye, dark skin, but he was maybe a little taller. ‘You picked up something today,’ he said. ‘We need it back.’ Cole was half asleep and at first he couldn’t think what he meant. Then he remembered the metal ‘thingamajig” It was still in his coat pocket. Cole went and got it. “Is this what you mean?” He asked him. He didn’t answer; he just grabbed it and walked off without a word. He didn’t, seem to have a horse or a car. Cole shuffled back to bed. But the next day he started wondering about it. How had the supposed officer managed to track him down? A couple of days later he went back to those woods and found that clearing. It was empty. The grass and bushes were all crushed down where the airplane had been but there was no other sign of anything or anybody. After the Army ‘officer’ came by Cole figured that maybe it was a secret Army deal of some kind and he thought it was better to leave it alone.
--- http://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2013/04/forgotten-humanoid-other-encounters-of_23.html


 1947年6月21日、ワシントン州:UFO の編隊が大量の溶融金属を放出(途中:その3)

 に登場した MIB の場合はこんな感じ(これも MIB のシーンは未紹介のまま放置中…w)。朝に訪問し、食事もするという MIB なので、最初のソース記事のゾンビ説とは一致しない。


However, the following day Dahl was interrogated by what could be one of the first incidents involving MIB (Men in Black):

According to Dahl, the following morning a strange man drove to his house and got out of a black Buick car of sedan type. He was dressed in a dark suit, was around 40 years old and in Dahl's words, looked like "an insurance agent".

Dahl got out his own car and drove downtown - with the stranger following him. Why he didn't use the stranger's car for a lift is not recorded.

Threatening Warnings
Over breakfast in a hotel, Dahl was asked some curious 'personal' questions;

Stranger: "Are you happy at your job, and in your family?"
Dahl: "What the blazes are you getting at?"

At this point, the stranger merely gave a peculiar smile and proceeded to tell Dahl of the previous events on Maury Island. This conversation puzzled Dahl as, so far, he had not told anyone about his experience and there had been no one on the island apart from his crew - and he did not think they had been talking.

"Mr Dahl," said the stranger, still smiling, "you had better forget what you have seen, and stop talking. Silence is the best thing for you and your family. You have seen what you ought not to have seen!" The stranger then abruptly got up and left the hotel.
--- http://rense.com/general53/tm_jun.htm

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