Robert Hastings : Bill Moore が政府の情報機関の手先として動いていた証拠



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In early June, 1987, I called Lee again. This was shortly
before Bill Moore's press conference in Burbank, during which
he intended to unveil the "Eisenhower briefing paper" and other
MJ-12 material. During this call, without any prompting from
me, Graham revealed that the person who had given him the
documents was in fact Bill Moore. I was puzzled. Graham had
previously said, on several occasions, that he had gotten the
documents from an individual who worked for the U.S. Government,
presumably in an intelligence capacity. As far as I knew, Bill
Moore did not work for the government in *any* capacity.

I asked Graham to explain this discrepancy. He unhesitatingly
replied that when Moore first approached him with the documents
he (Moore) showed him some kind of government ID card, with Bill
Moore's picture on it but an alias typed beneath it. According
to Graham, Moore indicated that he was working for the U.S.
Government for the purpose of releasing sensitive UFO-related
documents to the public.

I began to take notes. So incredulous was I about all of this
that I asked Lee to repeat his statements, which he did. I then
asked him which agency Moore claimed to work for. He responded
that Bill Moore's ID badge was identical to the badge shown him
by the two DIS agents. When I was skeptically retorted, "You
mean to tell me that Moore's badge looked like the DIS badges?",
he replied, "No, it was identical to them."

Graham went on to state that Moore claimed that he (Moore) had
been "flagged" in U.S. intelligence agencies' computer files so
that other operatives would not stumble over and inadvertently
expose his operations. Lee went on to say that he had once been
introduced to Moore's "superior" whom Moore would only identify
as "Richard".

ref: The MJ-12 Affair: Facts, Questions, Comments -

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