Nick Redfern : 未知生物の目撃者を MIB が脅迫


Some monsters, like Bigfoot, the Chupacabra, the Yeti, and Ogopogo, are seen time and again and across decades ? sometimes even centuries. There are, however, a few bizarre beasts that put in very brief appearances for startled eyewitnesses, and soon vanish, never to be seen again. Perhaps there is no better example of the latter than what has become known as the Dover Demon. It was around 10:30 p.m. on the night of April 21, 1977 when all hell broke loose. William Bartlett, then seventeen, was driving along Farm Street, in Dover, Massachusetts, when he spotted something both amazing and terrifying sitting on a wall. It was nothing less than a small, almost goblin-like, beast of about three and a half feet in height that had huge, glowing eyes and “tendrils” for fingers. Very curiously, it lacked ears, a nose, and a mouth. As for its head, it was described as being “melon”-like and extremely pale.


Sketch of the Dover Demon

In the wake of the affair of the Dover Demon, something very strange occurred in the mystery-filled town. Precisely two months to the day that the strange creature was first encountered, a pair of very weird men appeared on the scene. They were not invited, nor were they welcomed. Indeed, the MIB seldom are ? if ever. They turned up in the town, quite out of the blue, at what was termed the Dover House. Loren Coleman says that the house “…was a group home in Dover, for emotionally disturbed boys, serving as a residential branch of the treatment center, the Walker School for Boys, in nearby Needham, Massachusetts. In 1977-1978, I was Walker School’s overnight program director and a social worker masters’ graduate therapy intern there.”

They arrived at the Dover House and spoke with one of the staff, who made the very unwise move of giving the men Coleman’s address. Fortunately, the MIBs did not pay a late-night visit to the Coleman home. Nevertheless, the story of the unsettling encounter did get back to Coleman. The two characters, he was told, were dressed in black leather jackets and white motorcycle helmets and warned the woman not to talk about the Dover Demon ? under any circumstances, at all. This was very weird, given that the pair claimed to be nothing stranger than “investigators” from National Geographic! There was, however, something very strange about the disturbing duo: they spoke in a monotone, robotic, style, their arms were constantly by their sides, and they stood upright ? almost like the military on guard duty.

ref: When the Men in Black Investigate Monsters and Strange Creatures | Mysterious Universe -

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