1941年4月、ミズーリ州:"Cape Girardeau UFO crash" (途中:その2)


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Interview with Paul Blake Smith


Long-time resident of Cape Girardeau, 53-year-old Paul Blake Smith, has written a new 2016 book entitled MO41 - The Bombshell Before Roswell about an April 1941 Cape Girardeau crash. In the process, he learned there is a high probability that the three identical beings and their damaged disk were first transported to Washington, D. C., to a subterranean basement underneath the Capitol. Paul speculates that the three extraterrestrial bodies in jars and the pieces of damaged spacecraft were shown to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, his Secretary of State Cordell Hull, his Army Chief of Staff George Marshall; and then-powerful Missouri Democrat Senator Harry S. Truman, head of the Senate Special Committee to Investigate the National Defense Program.

Those powerful men would have been sworn to secrecy in the interest of national security, so they remained silent. Reinforcing the possibility that the nation’s Capitol building was a 1941 repository for the UFO crash debris and alien bodies from Cape Girardeau, Paul Smith recently told me in a recorded interview how Reverend Turner Holt - a cousin of FDR’s 1941 Secretary of State Cordell Hull - was allegedly shown three dead, identical-looking grey-colored aliens inside large glass jars in a sub-basement room of the Capitol. Here is how it all began.


ケープジラードの長年の居住者である53歳のポール・ブレイク・スミスは、1941年4月のケープジラードの墜落事故についてMO41 - The Bombshell Before Roswellと題した2016年の新刊を執筆しました。その過程で、彼は、3つの同一の存在とその損傷した円盤が最初にワシントンD.C.に運ばれ、国会議事堂の地下にある地下室に運ばれた可能性が高いことを知りました。ポールは、瓶に入った3つの地球外生命体と破損した宇宙船の破片を、フランクリン・デラノ・ルーズベルト大統領、国務長官コーデル・ハル、陸軍参謀長ジョージ・マーシャル、そして当時の権力者であるミズーリ州の民主党上院議員ハリー・S・トルーマン(上院国防計画調査特別委員会の責任者)に見せたのではないかと推測している。




An urban legend in Cape Girardeau is believed to be an alien cover-up and the crash before Roswell.

April 12 marked the 75th anniversary of the alleged "Cape Girardeau UFO crash of 1941."

Cape Girardeau UFO researcher Michael Huntington said the story dates back to 1941 when a reverend was called to what he thought was a plane crash to read the last rights of the passengers.

“The Reverend William Huffman, who was the minister there, was called by the local sheriff to come assist in delivering some sort of last rights at a plane crash. That’s what the Reverend was under the impression that he was going to do. A car arrived at his house which was nearby [the current Redstar Baptist Church location] and they drove about 18 miles or so outside of Cape Girardeau closer to the Chaffee area. When they showed up on the scene, it was not a plane crash, it was, allegedly, a flying saucer, a classic silver, round disk that had crashed, that had started a fire. There were police and fire there to take care of the scene, put out the fire on a local farmer’s field," Huntington said.

"The Reverend arrived and saw a classic flying disk with part of the side ripped open and two alien bodies that were at least dead and one that may have been dying, may have been alive, couldn’t breathe," he continued. "The Reverend looked inside of the flying saucer and saw wires and components of some sort of alien design. There were strange hieroglyphics and bizarre knobs and dials. The Reverend knew that he couldn’t really give the last rights. About that time, the army air corps arrived from Sikeston Field and cordoned off the area and swore everybody to secrecy and confiscated any pictures. There were pictures allegedly taken that night of men holding one of the alien bodies and somewhere out there are those pictures."

"It became part of legend; it’s Cape Girardeau’s urban legend," Huntington said.

According to the legend, the story was kept quiet for years, but witnesses told the story on their deathbeds.

"The story got out through Charlotte Mann who was the Reverend’s granddaughter, who began to give accounts of the story in the late '70s," Huntington said. "This story has been known about by UFO researchers as far back as then. It was a deathbed confession. Reverend Mann told the story to his granddaughter and she had seen pictures, I believe, at one time of the alleged alien. Years after the event, obviously, she told researchers and they began to look into it.”

Whether you believe the stories or not, Huntington said the crash is important to history, folklore and culture.

“This story, whether you believe it or not, is part of Cape Girardeau’s history. It’s part of our culture, it’s part of our regional folklore, and it’s part of a broader history of UFOs, which is a part of American history. Nobody can deny the influence of UFO culture, UFO stories, the visuals, the fascination. Nobody can deny that it’s had an impact on American culture and American politics," Huntington said.

Huntington asked that if you have any information on this alleged crash, to please contact him or another researcher.

"If anybody out there within the Cape Girardeau area or Jackson or, especially, folks near Chaffee, if you’ve heard any stories, share them with us. Try to get ahold or me or some of the other researchers out there. The more information we have, the more we can get an idea of what actually occurred," Huntington said.

ref: http://www.kfvs12.com/story/31705969/75th-anniversary-of-alleged-ufo-crash-in-cape-girardeau


ケープジラードー、ミズーリ州 (KFVS) - Yahoo!

4月12日は、"1941年のケープジラードーUFO墜落事故 "の疑惑から75周年を迎えました。



"牧師が到着して見たのは古典的な空飛ぶ円盤で 側面の一部が裂けており" "少なくとも死んでいるエイリアンの遺体が2体と 死にかけているエイリアンの遺体が1体、生きていたかも知れないが 息が出来ない "と彼は続けた "レヴンは空飛ぶ円盤の中を見て、エイリアンのデザインのワイヤーや部品を見た "奇妙な象形文字や 奇妙なノブやダイヤルがあった 牧師は、本当に最後の権利を与えることができないことを知っていました。その頃 シケストン野戦場から 陸軍航空隊が到着しました その地域を封鎖して 全員に秘密厳守を誓い 写真は没収されました その夜に撮影されたとされる写真がありました。エイリアンの死体を持った男たちの写真がどこかにあります。



"ハンティントン氏は、「この話は牧師の孫娘であるシャーロット・マンさんを通じて広まり、70年代後半にその話を語り始めました」と語っています。"この話はUFO研究者によって当時から知られていた。それは死に際の告白だった。マン牧師は孫娘にこの話をしたが、彼女は疑惑のある宇宙人の写真を見たことがあったと思う。その数年後 彼女は研究者に話して 調査を始めた"


"この話は、信じようが信じまいが ケープジラードーの歴史の一部です この話はケープジラードーの歴史の一部です」 「この話は私たちの文化の一部であり、地域の民間伝承の一部であり、UFOのより広い歴史の一部であり、アメリカの歴史の一部でもあります」 アメリカの歴史の一部です。UFO文化の影響、UFOの話、映像、魅力を否定することは誰にもできません。アメリカの文化やアメリカの政治に影響を与えたことは誰も否定できない」とハンティントン氏は語った。


"ケープジラード地区やジャクソン、特にチャフィー近郊の方で何か聞いたことがある方がいましたら、私たちに教えてください。私か他の研究者に連絡を取ってくれ 情報が多ければ多いほど、実際に何が起きたのかを知ることができます」とハンティントン氏は述べています。


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・Richard Dolan がこの事件の目撃者(William Huffman: 牧師)の孫である Charlotte Mann を招いてインタビューしている。

・興味深いのは、William Huffman が保有していた ET の写真の経緯。現場で捕獲された ET を撮影した写真で、Charlotte Mann もその写真を見ている。

・だが、その写真を知り合いの写真家に貸したところ、写真家は返却せずそのまま知らぬ存ぜぬと。何人もの UFO 研究者がこの写真家に問い詰めたが、認めていないと。

・また、Charlotte Mann はネットに出回っている写真(下のバツ印のそれ)は彼女が見た写真とは全く異なると断言している。








・FORGOTTEN UFO RECOVERY: 1941 | Richard Dolan


Richard and Tracey discuss what may be America's original UFO crash retrieval case: that which occurred outside of Cape Girardeau, MO, in April 1941. The world was a very different place, and the U.S. national security establishment was not even in its infancy. The event was unknown until the 1990s, when one highly credible witness, Charlotte Mann, came forward with the story of her grandfather, Reverend William Huffman. This is a truly fascinating story, and although corroboration has been limited to a few other individuals, many serious researchers think it really happened.







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