母の生霊 or ドッペルゲンガー?


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数日が過ぎた。土曜日だったので、両親ともに家にいました。公園に行く予定だったので、準備のためにシャワーに飛び込みました。シャワーを浴びていると、浴室のドアが開く音がしました。シャワーカーテンで視界が遮られていたので、誰がドアを開けたのかわかりませんでした。母の声が聞こえました。母は私のタオルをスタンドの上に置いていて、私には母の手しか見えませんでした。母はもうピクニックには行かないと言いました。私は悲しかった。私は泣きながらシャワーから出てきて、なぜ公園に行かないのかと母に聞くと、母は「誰がそんなことを言ったのか」と聞いてきました。この後、私は家の周りの動きを聞いたり、母の声で女性のハミングが聞こえるようになりましたが、それが母ではないことはわかりました。幸いにもその家には長くは住まず、一ヶ月後に引っ越しました。今でも時々その音が聞こえますが、今は誰にも会いません。" KC


We have long moved from that house but the incidents haunt me till this day. This happened about 10 years ago, I am now 21. We have a small family my mom, my father and I. My father worked from 7 am to 9 pm so he was not home for most part of the day. My mother taught at a local pre-school and was home by 1 pm and I'd come home from school around the same time.

One day I came home from school and called out for my mother but I got no reply. I went into her bedroom and saw her sleeping. I figured she must be tired so I didn't bother her. I made myself a sandwich and went to her room and slept next to her. She started stroking my hair not really saying anything and I fell asleep.

It would have been 30 minutes when I heard my doorbell ring. I got up and saw that my mother was not in bed. I went out and opened the door and saw my mom, still in her work clothes. I was confused and she frantically apologized to me for getting late as one of her students had an incident at school and asked me if I had eaten anything. I was confused but replied that I made myself sandwich. I didn't tell her anything.

A few days passed. It was Saturday so both of my parents were home. We planned to go to the park and I jumped into shower to get ready. I was taking my shower when I heard my bathroom door open. I couldn't see who opened it as shower curtain was blocking my view. I heard my mother's voice. She kept my towel on the stand and I only got glimpses of her hand. She said that we weren't going to the picnic anymore. I was sad. I came out of shower crying and asked my mom why weren't we going to park and she asked me who told me that. i told her that she did and she said she didn't come inside bathroom. After this I'd hear movements around the house and hear a women hum a peculiar tune in my mother's voice, but i knew it wasn't my mom. Luckily we didn't stay in that house long and moved out a month later. I still hear that tune at times but now I don't see anyone." KC

ref: Phantoms and Monsters - Real Eyewitness Cryptid Encounter Reports - https://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2020/06/weird-encounters-rake-humanoid-human.html


・これは生霊や幽霊の類ではなく、証言者が幻覚を見聞きしやすい体質だったという可能性がある。"I still hear that tune at times" がそれを示唆している。家の中に出現する幽霊が、身内の声を真似る事例はほとんど聞かないし。

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