Bigfoot に脅かされた二人組


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Huge Bigfoot Scares Boy at Grandparent's Floyd County, Georgia Home


Until about 1 am. I wake up from having a dream of what I saw. I lay in my bed and look at my curtained windows and can see that the front porch light is on. I find that safer because it acts as sort of a nightlight for me. So I'm laying there looking at my window when I see a huge shadow walk right in front of my window on the outside, and I mean huge! The window was about 2 feet off the ground, was about 4 foot tall and was about 2 and a half feet from the ceiling. And this shadow was tall enough to cast a shadow big enough to where it looked like someone was sliding a wall past the window.

I could hear the boards creaking out on the front porch and could see how wide this thing was from a side view. This thing, whatever it was, was at least 2 feet wide from the side. And it was absolutely huge. I didn't want to go get my grandparents because I didn't want them to get mad for waking them up at 1 am and for them to come out and see nothing. So I just watched this thing walk back and forth past my window and before too long, I fell asleep again.


On our way back we can hear things in the woods that sounded like tree knocks and whoops. We get about a hundred yards from the property we're camping out on and suddenly a rock flies through the woods and lands within ten feet of me and Kevin. Then it's like it just unloaded on us, rocks were landing all around us with not much time between impact. We hear all sorts of whoops and hollers coming from different directions, almost like we were being surrounded. I tell Kevin to run and I'll be right behind him. So we start running towards the property and hear trees snapping behind us. I stop for a split second, raise the gun a fire a shot into the air. Then all goes silent.

ref: Phantoms and Monsters - Real Eyewitness Cryptid Encounter Reports -


・この Bigfoot は人間に危害を全く与えてないことに注意。小石の礫を二人に向けて投げ込んでいるが、当たらないように外しているし、声や物音で脅かすだけで実害は与えていない。

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