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A Delaware restaurant worker encounters an odd-looking black-eyed woman who literally and instantly shapeshifts into an bizarre humanoid.

I was recently referred to the following account:

"About a year ago I was living on the east coast, Delaware to be more specific. Having grown up in rural Indiana, I was a bit out of my element but extremely excited to travel and broaden my horizons. I had no idea about Reptilian cults or Annunaki, nor did I really care for any conspiracies at this point. Anyways, I had just rented a cheap apartment and found a night shift job at a nearby Chipolte restaurant. The dinner rush there was usually around 7-8 pm and it would get fairly busy.

One night I was busy getting my burrito making skills on and I happen to look up and glance out the window. And there she was, walking down the sidewalk. A 6-foot caramel skinned woman in a plain sort of elegant pastel olive colored dress. Her hair looked as if it was a cheap wig, shoulder length and frayed at the ends but oddly pinned exactly straight against her head like the wind outside had no effect. Also way too shiny to be real. Nothing too odd. You tend to see stranger things around every corner in Delaware. So I continue making the food order I was working on.

All of a sudden, I'm startled to the core by a flash of light that caught me off guard. I thought a customer took a picture of me or something, I look around in a frustrated panic as I've never been very photogenic nor did I want my photo taken by some stranger. But to my surprise no one was even paying any attention to me. The customers I was preparing food for were already down the line paying for their food and I had absolutely no recollection of finishing the order. I stood there for a moment, trying to recollect myself. Did I just lose time? Was I really just not paying attention? Is there something wrong with my short term memory? Did anyone else see that flashing light?

My manager abruptly snaps me out of my crisis-like panic by asking me to grab steak from the walk in. I do as instructed and as I'm heading back up to the front of the store I see the tall lady I noticed a few moments before making her way in the door. There was something off about her, I couldn't put my finger on it. Seeing her closer definitely changed her appearance. I hadn't noticed before but she was ripped. The kind of built that doesn't look right on a woman, I mean muscular as can be. The skin on her face looked rough, dry, sort of bumpy but it wasn't acne and her face was elongated, the jaw line was fine and chiseled downwards.

At this point I come to my own conclusion that maybe she just loves the gym and that I was judging her appearance harshly when I am in no position to place myself above others. I smile and greet her by asking her how she was, this is when she turned towards me and looked up. An unfamiliar yet comfortable buzzing began all around me, like cicadas buzzing in the fall. This experience would change my perspective of everything I thought I knew. Black eyes. I swear on everything. Black pupils. Black retinas, the white part of this woman's eyes were black. Before my very own eyes I watched this woman's face turn from bumpy to an almost plastic glossy looking, smooth material and her skin turned into a pale grey/blue color.

Goosebumps immediately took over the back of my neck and arms. That steady gaze into my soul would seem to go on for days. I felt as if I was being robbed of my internal privacy, depleting the very fiber of my being. As if she was reading the written version of everything I call my own consciousness. She knew the entirety of my existence and could put an end to it in a second and she made that very clear without saying a single word. She was telepathically forcing me to understand how insignificant we are as humans, how the human experience is one of the lowest tiers of conscious, all of this happened WITHIN SECONDS. The closest thing I can compare to what she had me visualize is would be a snippet of a DMT trip. She had a mischievous undertone. I felt like I owed her something. I couldn't break eye contact. Was my brain deceiving me? Maybe I really was having a stroke? No, I was in a coma and this was some sick dream? This couldn't be real. I felt vulnerable for the first time in years. She had some kind of sick power over me, she was draining me.

She was still walking towards me but she did not look away. I was still in shock, never had I felt so powerless to any thing. I remember feeling like the weight of my body would soon make my knees buckle and I would collapse onto the floor. In my mind I was begging her repeatedly, pleading for her to stop this, whatever was happening. She grinned a twisted smile, unnatural. I'm looking at what appear to be her teeth like something out of a movie, clean but shaped like thick spikes that fit together. Yes, like a shark. She stopped to stand directly in front of me. She tilted her head to her right (my left) in an innocent way and her pupils shrank back down. Right in front of me. She suddenly morphed back into the ‘thing' she was prior. I can only describe it almost as if she had just sucked another face onto hers in a millisecond. Like she could control atoms on a level we could not fathom, turning them into whatever her design. and before I knew it, the buzzing was gone. Her skin bumpy as had been before. Eyes still a really dark shade but the proper shapes. I didn't get the opportunity to see her teeth again as I'm sure they looked somewhat like a regular person's. Just a strange looking woman in front of me.

I was still intimidated and skeptical of what my eyes, ears, and brain had just witnessed. I was completely drained. I had no energy. My soul felt hollow. I felt pointless and so confused. I walk to the back of the store while one of my co-workers is making food for her as if NONE OF ANY OF THAT EVER HAPPENED. Like everything was fine. I hear the lady's physical voice say something about lettuce and I realize it's not anything close to the voice I was interpreting in my head. WTF JUST HAPPENED?

I tell my manager I have a family emergency and that I had to leave right then. I would later receive a disciplinary write up for leaving a shift, but I had to get out of there. I never saw the lady again. For months I questioned my sanity and reality. I knew I couldn't tell anyone. I began to fall into a 6-month depression that I am now over. Mentally I'm doing better than ever but I still question what I saw that day. What I heard and felt. Who was she? And why did I see what I did? Was it because she allowed me to? Was I just hallucinating? Has anyone else ever experienced anything of the sort?" DD

ref: Phantoms and Monsters - Real Eyewitness Cryptid Encounter Reports - https://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2020/05/black-eyed-woman-shapeshifts-into.html





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