Tony Rodrigues : 魔術儀式で児童を殺害したシアトルの大富豪の名前がネットで話題になっていた。


・20:00 から。シアトルの大富豪の大掛かりなペドフィリア活動について。

・31:40 このあたりが核心。10歳ほどの少年が魔術的儀式で、静脈注射され死亡。儀式の参加者の男が死体を捌いた。そして私に告げた。その肉と血を口に入れるか、今殺されるか、選べ。結局、口にした。

・32:30 この儀式の目的は、思春期前の子供を死ぬ直前まで苦しめて、特殊な意識状態に至らせ、未来に関する(投資)情報を entity からチャネリングで得ること。

・33:00 深夜、目覚めた。意識がかつてないほど非常に明瞭で脱出方法が思い浮かんだ。だが、翌朝起きたときにはそれは失せていた。

・44:10 Reddit 掲示板に私のスレッドがあり、シアトルの大富豪が誰かを議論していたのを見かけた。近い名前が登場していたし、幾人かは名前を特定していた(*1)。だが私はそれにコメントすることはできない。

・44:50 特殊部隊 (Special Forces)(*2)には、シアトルの大富豪を含め、全ての関係者の名前を告げた。


・A Conversation with Tony Rodrigues | March 23, 2020
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・コレ↓のことか。Thomas Stewart の名前が挙がっている。

Identity of Tony Rodrigues' 80s Illuminati Seattle Billionaire
Some folks in the YouTube comments on Tony's videos have figured this out. For those not in the know, in Tony's memories of being abducted, he was sent to a billionaire's estate in Seattle where he and other children were used as sex slaves at political parties in the 80s. Tony said he witnessed Satanic ceremonies as well as a child being murdered. He wouldn't reveal the name of the family in countless interviews but other followers have assembled the info together and I've added some research myself.

Billionaire: Thomas Stewart, ran Services Group of America (massive shipping and food company), owned 500+ acre estate on Vashon Island, threw annual fundraising 'picnics' for the Republican party.

More detailed info: http://community.seattletimes.nwsource.com/archive/?date=19960609&slug=2333733

He died strangely enough in a helicopter crash in 2010. His wife at the time in the 80s (divorced in 90s) was the person Tony said wrangled the kids, took care of the day to day stuff on the estate. The strict terms of their marriage are mentioned in that above article. She is still alive and in Arizona near Scottsdale now where SGA moved it's heaquarters from Seattle. Stewart had large properties in both places.

Another wrinkle in this is that a close friend of Stewart and VP with him at SGA was a Peter Von Reichbauer. If that name isn't suspect, he is still a city council member in King County. That name is pretty suspect given that Tony's story eventually has him being sent to the Nacht Waffen Ceres colony. I need to point out this German connection because every since I got into this years ago and heard Tony's story, I've been searching out German billionaires and what industries they are involved in.

Another family, the Haubs, owners of ALDI grocery stores. Mega rich billionaires. Well, Erivan Haub ALSO lived outside Seattle and was one of the richest man in the area, 70s-90s. His son, Karl-Erivan Haub took over the company. He also mysteriously disappeared while skiing in Switzerland in 2018.

I'm piecing together a few other things, basically what industries these super secretive billionaires (of German descent) are involved with, right now it revolves around food supplies and shipping.

Here's info on Thomas Stewart's suspicious helicopter crash death in 2010: https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/stewart-family-confirmed-killed-in-arizona-helicopter-crash/

The address to the Vashon estate in Seattle to look at Google Maps: 12011 SW 220th St, Vashon, WA 98070

Just thought some of y'all would find this interesting, especially if you trust Tony's recollection of events.

ref: Identity of Tony Rodrigues' 80s Illuminati Seattle Billionaire : Cosmic_Disclosure - https://www.reddit.com/r/Cosmic_Disclosure/comments/bxl8oa/identity_of_tony_rodrigues_80s_illuminati_seattle/?sort=confidence







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