Nick Redfern : UFO/ET が出現した前後の日に、奇妙な霧が立ち込めた。


We’ll begin with the eerie story of Anne Owen, who I interviewed on August 11, 2000. Anne had a very strange experience while living in North Wales. It was the night of January 23, 1974. Anne told me the following:

“We had bought two, derelict, four-hundred-year-old cottages which we were converting. This was on a mountain above Trefriw and Llanrwst near the River Conwy. We’d taken a caravan up and a horse, as well, and our two children. We were in the caravan with the children, as we couldn’t move into the cottages yet. That night ? January twenty-three ? the horse was very restless, so we put him near our caravan. But later in the night he started rocking the caravan and was in a terrible state. Then we suddenly saw this thing outside the window. It was like a white ball, very slow-moving. It was difficult to know how far away from us it was as it was pitch black outside, but it looked about two or three feet wide. Then suddenly there was an enormous bang, absolutely colossal.”

Anne continued: “The only other person who was local to us was an old lady who was staring at it too. Well, she came up to me and said that she’d been woken by the bang. She also lived on the mountain and had gone to her bedroom window and had seen these ‘little men’ that were very small and all dressed in black ? about three to four foot tall. She thought, because she’d seen the military on the mountain before that this was something to do with them. But she found it rather odd that they were so small! She described a ‘little gathering’ of them, about four or five, very, very early in the morning and near where the tree was. But she said that they didn’t look too different, only smaller.” Rather notably, Anne added that: “The day before, and the day after, this happened a weird mist came down out of nowhere. This was nothing like a normal mist and I still remember it now [italics mine].”

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