David Paulides : Missing-411 : Cody Sheehy(当時 6歳)が語った「行方不明中の行動」 (途中:その2)


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・18:50 から。Cody Sheehy , Keith Parkins, 1986-04 Cody 一家でピクニック。午後に 6歳の児童が行方不明。捜索がなされた。翌朝、18マイル離れた場所の人家に助けを求めていた。健康状態は良好。どこにいたのかと聞かれて。夜、ヘリから隠れていた。コヨーテからも隠れたと。


・19マイル離れた場所で。この事件の 30年前、Keith Parkins 2歳、が同じように。19時間後、行方不明になった地点から 12マイル先の小川(or 入り江)で生きて発見された。


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・32歳に成長した Cody Sheehy が、事件当時を振り返って体験を語った Web 記事(2018-11-19)を見つけた。それが下。


By twilight, some six to nine miles from where he started, Cody came to a fork in the road. He chose the right-hand fork and walked down it awhile, then had second thoughts. But his small, increasingly sore feet refused to backtrack all the way, so he decided to ford Howard Creek to reach the left-hand road. But at the bottom of a steep gully he slipped.

“I remember thinking I was going to fall in and thinking I didn’t care. And I fell in,” Cody says. He soaked his legs and an arm, then hauled himself out of the water, scrambled up the bank, found the road, and kept walking. It was around this time, he recalls, that he realized he wasn’t going to get dinner and that his situation was serious.

Cody was worried about getting in trouble for getting lost. The sooner he got back to his family, the less trouble he would be in. So he ran, then walked, ran, then walked, then ran, like that.

At some point, Cody’s thinking changed, he says. He developed tunnel vision. He heard a buzzing in his ears. “Any noise, any sound, I hid,” he says. He hid from engine noise, maybe more than once, potentially evading his would-be rescuers. He just had to keep going. He figured that if he could walk to his house, down in the valley, and sneak into his bed before the sun rose, he could roll out of bed in time for breakfast and everything would magically be OK. “I had a singular mission,” he says.

Later, as his stomach began to gnaw at him, he revised his plan, adding a stop at his grandfather Tom’s place. He imagined that the old cowboy would be awake and reading in his chair. He would give Cody grapes. And then Cody would walk the five or so additional miles to his own home and slip into bed.

At 7:52, the sun set completely, and the stars began to appear. Cody kept walking. He wanted to be an astronaut when he grew up, so he watched the sky, distracting himself from the pain in his feet by looking for Halley’s Comet, which was visiting the solar system that year. From Wallowa County on April 27, the comet would have been just under the horizon.

By now there were dozens of people out searching for him, some in trucks, at least half a dozen on horseback, including the local Catholic priest, Father Ray Hopp. Marcie was driving forest roads with Tom, crying and praying. With temperatures so low, searchers worried about Cody becoming hypothermic. But they underestimated how far he could travel in the time he’d been lost. Their circle was too small.

Cody kept moving. He walked another six and a half miles from the creek, up a steep hillside and through dark stands of firs and pines. He came to an abandoned white house, which looked eerie in the starlight. (Now it has been fixed up as someone’s country place and does not look spooky.) There was no moon yet.

It was here he saw the two coyotes. Cody stopped to watch them. They walked toward him, and Cody sprinted away, fearing that they were following him. These days there are wolves in Wallowa County, but in the eighties coyotes were the top dogs and common. Usually, they give people a wide berth, but they have been known to attack children.

Terrified, Cody climbed into a tree, probably a juniper, and wedged himself between the trunk and a sturdy branch. There in the dark, pressed up against the pitchy gin smell of the bark, he dozed. At 12:41 A.M. on Monday, April 28, 1986, the moon rose. It was just three days past full, so it cast a bright silvery light over the pines, the junipers, and a few wizened apple trees from an old orchard.

“It was really cold in that tree,” Cody remembers. “It got so cold I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t stay in the tree, so I decided to keep walking.” He had traveled 12 to 15 miles by now. His feet hurt. The forest opened up beyond the house, and Cody walked through a series of grassy meadows, pale and silent. “I remember continual disappointment that it was farther each time I came to a new meadow,” Cody says. “I spent a lot of time looking at my feet.”

The sun rose at 5:41, and around that time, Cody came to the edge of the plateau he’d been walking on, at about 3,700 feet of elevation. Looking into the valley, almost 1,000 feet down and two more miles by road, he saw houses, roads, pastures, and distant livestock. But it wasn’t a part of Wallowa he recognized. His feet were in agony. I’ve got to get down there, he remembers thinking.

ref: How a 6-Year-Old Survived Being Lost in the Woods | Outside Online - https://www.outsideonline.com/2365666/boy-lost-woods-oregon


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・大人になった Cody Sheehy が当時の記憶を語っている動画を見かけた。


・5:50 視界がとても狭くなった状況で…(* 上の記事にある "tunnel vision" に相当)


・7:40 特に奇妙な出来事があったという記憶はない、と。


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