羽の生えた人間がヘリの音をたてて飛び去った。missing-time が付随。



  ・森の中で羽の生えた人間に遭遇。それはヘリのような音を立てて飛び去った。missing-time が発生。


"This happened like 10 years ago, on a hill southwest from Barranquilla, Colombia (Puerto Caiman, near Cuarto de Milla). I'm skeptical about a lot of things, but this, I'm absolutely sure that what I saw there was real.

I was camping with my Boy Scout troop in a not-so-friendly place (Very hot, really rough terrain, awfully humid. Our troop was more like military service than scout life). It was kind of far away from the main road and the main base was in a tree covered hill. I think that could be worth noted that is less than 5km from a indigenous sacred site known as "The sacred territory of the creator" (Hu Waap Jorhu Ko) and probably it is a sacred site too. I don't know since the tribes that inhabited the area were forced by the Spanish to abandon their belief, traditions and language so, there's a lot of things we don't know about them (even I being descendant of them).

It was 3 pm, we send 3 people to do the dishes after lunch. There was a small lagoon 5-10 minutes downhill. It shouldn't take more than half an hour for them to be back. An hour passes, they haven't came back. Knowing them, surely they're just having a trivial and boring gossip conversation, but as a patrol leader I have to call them back. They didn't respond to whistles so, I personally went downhill to find them.

The way to the lagoon is mostly a 2 1/2 foot path between a steep hill and a dry river with dense vegetation and closed curves. I was walking carelessly until I noticed something behind a curve. At first I thought it was a really massive vulture, but I felt uneasy so I started going back in silence until I stepped on a dry branch. After the crackling this thing extend its vulture-like wings, showing a very muscular naked human-like back and then a head/face that watched me. Then it took off with a sound more like an helicopter than a bird.

Nonsense! I thought. There must be a rational explication, maybe it was just my imagination. I arrive to the lagoon and effectively, they were having the most boring and dumb of the conversations. I told them to pack everything and started going back to the campsite, when all the troop came out of the tree covered area (the lagoon is in a clear) and told me that I was taking too long too (My encounter with the Birdman shouldn't have take more than 5 seconds, or so I thought).

Anyways, there was a very cocky boy in the troop that said "I'll go front!" and entered alone to the woods. 5 second later I heard the same helicopter like sound, and the boy came running from the woods, hyperventilating and shouting "I saw a man with wings!"

Everybody laughed. I didn't said a word." MB

ref: Phantoms and Monsters - Real Eyewitness Cryptid Encounter Reports - https://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2020/04/birdman-winged-humanoid-encountered.html





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