Missing-411 + UFO : Michael Lusignan が語った行方不明中の奇妙な体験


・Missing-411 に UFO が関与していたと思しき事例。



・Lonard Stringfield の調査データ。1976-06 Michael Lusignan(38歳)が。Arlington,Virginia から Colorado Mt. にハイキング。行方不明。後に見つかる。

・彼が行方不明中の体験を語った。ふたつの三角形の物体が雲から降りてきて、着陸。Michael は救援のヘリかと思い近づいた。だが、彼らには英語は通じず、互いに意味不明の囁きをしていた。


“Strange Accounts From People Lost In The Woods” | Four Paranormal Stories
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・Michael Lusignan の体験のソース記事を見つけた。

Looking through a 1977 issue of SAGA UFO Magazine, specifically Jerome Clark’s Saucer Central U.S.A. column, we can find some interesting information about a disappearance from long ago.
Clark kicks off his column by saying: “One of the strangest UFO occupant encounters of recent months is reported to have taken place near Echo Lake, Colorado, on the evening of June 9, 1976. The alleged witness, 38-year-old Michael Lusignan, is a patent examiner from Arlington, Virginia, who at the time was vacationing in the Colorado mountains and had gotten lost.” While Paulides has wisely avoided taking a stand on the nature of the forces responsible for the mysterious disappearances, Clark did not hesitate to associate the possible cause of the disappearance as being related to the UFO phenomenon.

He goes on to tell his readers that Lusignan’s wife contacted the authorities when the man had not returned to the city of Denver by the agreed time. A search party from the Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Department sallied forth at the break of dawn - a force in excess of thirty men with four tracking dogs. For the next forty-eight hours, the environs of Echo Lake and Mt. Evans were diligently combed, with air support subsequently provided by a police helicopter and a military airplane. No trace of Lusignan was found, and the search was called off.

A week later, a pair of cyclists who had stopped at a scenic lookout over the lake heard a man calling for help: it was Michael Lusignan, at the bottom of the seven hundred foot lookout. The tourists alerted the authorities and rescue was promptly initiated. This is where the missing persons story turns a twist into the twilight zone.

During the ambulance ride, Lusignan informed the Sheriff that “on 10 p.m. Wednesday he had seen two rectangular UFOs silently land on nearby Vance Creek. Thinking they were helicopters sent to rescue him, he walked over to them and attempted to talk to the crew.” But the man soon realized that his would-be rescuers were far from what he expected. He said that the strangers “did not speak English” and that they “whispered to each other in some unintelligible language.” More distressing was the fact that their eyes were spaced differently from humans; their attire was colorful, reminding Lusignan of the hues found in Indian and gypsy dress.

He was surprised that their number - over a dozen, perhaps even two - included men, women and children of both sexes, but he made no remarks as to their respective ages. They appeared to be setting up camp. “They forced Lusignan to move to another campsite,” writes Clark, “and during the night he heard horses and dogs. The next day, when he awoke, the peculiar visitors were gone.”
Some of the irregularities that David Paulides has observed in missing persons cases appear in this event, such as the fact that Lusignan actually heard the Clear Creek County rescue crew, but had inexplicably moved away from the men and their dogs rather than toward them. Suggesting that the man could have been suffering from disorientation or even temporary insanity, Clark notes that the animal noises Lusignan associated with the “gypsy” campsite could have indeed been associated with the rescuers and their own animal helpers.

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