John Spear が自動書記で得たアイデアで作り上げた永久運動装置



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He began dabbling with automatic writing, which is when spiritual forces supposedly take control of a person’s hand in order to write out messages, and it was during one such session in 1853 that his life would truly be changed. He said that he had made contact with a group of spirits he called the “Electricizers,” which were part of a group called “The Association of Beneficence.” Spear claimed that the group included some of history’s greatest minds, including Thomas Jefferson and famous scientists such as Emanuel Swedenborg and Benjamin Franklin, and that the purpose of this group was to work from the afterlife to help mankind achieve a new level of technology and awareness. He claimed that he had been chosen as the earthly mouthpiece for this group from beyond death, and in order to further carry out the wishes of these Electricizers, Spear would gather a group of followers to start a creepy commune in Chautauqua County, New York.

Spear would purportedly receive constant messages from the Electricizers for all manner of cutting edge and advanced inventions, which had been thought up by these great thinkers and scientists during their years of death and many of which were ahead of their time. Spear would outline plans for various electrical devices, circular, self sustaining cities, computers, thinking machines, flying ships, and more, but the strangest of all was what he variously referred to as “The New Power Motive,” “New Motor,” “The New Messiah,” “The God Machine,” and “God’s last, best gift to man.” This machine was to be a device that would essentially serve as a sort of perpetual motion device, which would feasibly create unlimited energy that could forever power mankind’s endeavors for all of eternity. This machine would draw off the power of nature itself and be totally self-perpetuating, perhaps even self replicating, and would serve as a sort of Messiah to bring humankind into the next age of existence and raise their level of spiritual awareness, and as “a grand practical movement for the redemption of the human race.” Spear even went as far as to claim that this machine would serve as the physical body of God on Earth, through which the divine could speak to human beings. It sounds great, but first they had to build it.

ref: The Strange Case of John Spear and the God Machine | Mysterious Universe - https://mysteriousuniverse.org/2020/04/the-strange-case-of-john-spear-and-the-god-machine/

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