Skinwalker Ranch の超常現象:Jacques Vallee の仮説に最も説得力を感じる。


・Brandon Fugal(Skinwalker Ranch の現在の所収者)の見解。


GK: I think the Bigelow team came to sort of a conclusion that whatever you see out there, is what it allows you to see. And I’d like to get your take on whether you think there is an intelligence operating there, whether the trickster aspects that have been reported, are accurate, in your experience, or not?

BF: Yes, I would say all of the above. And I would, you know, I would say that there are no firm conclusions that have been reached. I think that what we’re seeing comes from any number of different points of origins, agendas and it’s not any one type of phenomena. I mean, it’s a whole host of, or a diversity, or as Eric Bard would say, a cornucopia, a constellation of different events and anomalies that we are witnessing and recording. And it’s tough to categorize it.

GK: Well, give me a list of the possibilities. What is it? I mean, it’s intelligent. It’s intelligent and it’s manipulative and it’s not us. Or is it?

BF: Well, you know, my motivation in purchasing the property, to a large degree, was really driven by the belief that we may not be alone in the Univers. That in not being alone, it opens up all sorts of opportunities and it’s quite, I think, inspiring. I think it doesn’t necessarily need to mean that, you know, little green men are visiting us or people from other planets or worlds. It could be other dimensions of reality. And I think that a good explanation for what we are observing out there may be interdimensional phenomena. Jacques Vallee speaks often of, you know, the interdimensional theory underpinning a lot of the sightings and the phenomena that have been observed. And I think that’s one, potential explanation for what is happening. I mean, everything from wormholes to the physics that would enable that kind of passage between dimensions or worlds that I think you see. Really theorized in, you know, string and M-theory, maybe at play out here on the ranch. So I think there are probably a number of different explanations and again, different points of origin and agendas associated with what we’re observing.

ref: Transcript: Skinwalker Ranch Owner & Real Estate Mogul, Brandon Fugal - Part 1 - “I Think We Truly May Have The Greatest Science Project Of Our Time Here” ≫ Joe Murgia - http://www.ufojoe.net/knapp-interviews-fugal-part1





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