Bigfoot がトラックを揺り動かして中の人間を脅かした




"My Dad had told me about a lot of experiences that happened to him throughout his life. I remember one in particular that took place sometime in the late 1960's to early 1970's. Long before I was born. I'll do my best to recall what he relayed to me. (Unfortunately I can't ask him about it because he passed 9 years ago)

This was somewhere in the Northern California area. It was some sort of campground that had a big lake near it. I honestly don't remember the name of the campsite, as I was a little girl when he told me this story. He was camping with a few of his brothers. I believe he told me that they only had a truck to camp in so they used the back of the truck bed to have two sleep there and my Dad slept in the front seat of the truck. Well, he and my Uncles were sleeping when my Dad was awoken to this really foul odor. He wasn't sure what it was because he hadn't smelled that before as he and my Uncles were very outdoorsy and camped all the time. He had the window cracked open so that's why he was able to smell it.

He said that when he had awoken, he saw this pretty large hairy man-like creature walking up to the truck. He didn't know what it was but suspected it might have been Bigfoot. When it reached the truck, he said that it started to sniff through the cracked part of the window. If I remember correctly, it had startled my Uncles as well. But they were pretty scared and tried their best no to move because they were more out in the open that my Dad was. Well, all three of them pretty much hid in their sleeping bags and when this creature realized that they were in there, it started to make this really aggressive grunting sound and then began to shake the truck. It wasn't a small truck, so this thing had to have a good amount of strength to move it.

My Dad said it was doing that for quite some time. But once it realized that they weren't going to react or even move, it finally walked off. Once it was gone from the truck, they could hear in the distance some really loud screaming sounds. They believed it was angry but didn't do anything else physically, thank goodness." AD

ref: Phantoms and Monsters - Real Eyewitness Cryptid Encounter Reports - https://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2020/04/bigfoot-aggressively-shakes-truck.html





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