Nick Redfern : 出現した MIB が黒ヘリに乗り込んで飛び去った。


・謎の黒ヘリと MIB が結びついた珍しい事例。


・MIB はその行動パターンから、人間社会の一般常識を欠落させていると言われてきた。だが、この MIB は一般常識を知悉している。なぜなら…

the MIB held up his hand and waved one finger at the farmer in a “tut-tut” style. What chilled the farmer more than anything else was the eerie grin the man had on his face.



It was late on the evening September 26, 1974 when the Richley family of Lynchburg, Ohio saw a strange object high in the sky above their home. That it was stationary and appeared to be circular in shape prompted Walter Richley to hit the UFO with the beam of a large searchlight that was affixed to his truck. The UFO responded by doing likewise: the truck was bathed with an eerie, red glow. Not surprisingly, the Richley’s raced for their home and locked the doors. Things were not quite over, however. A little more than twenty-four hours later, Walter’s son, Dan, was reading in bed when he heard the unmistakable sound of rotor-blades - seemingly almost outside the window. He flung open the curtains. Sure enough, a large helicopter was in view. Not only that, it was sitting on the ground, just a short distance from the family home. Dan quickly roused his father, who later told UFO researcher Leonard Stringfield: “I think I put my light beam on something that was a military secret. That ‘copter came here to warn me. I’m not about to press it; I’d rather forget it.”

There’s a reason why I mention this case: eight months after the Richley encounter occurred, a black helicopter returned to Lynchburg. Not to the Richley home, I should stress. But, to the fairly isolated farm of a rancher in the area. In this case, the man woke up one morning to find a slightly burned, circular area in one of his fields. Luckily - and very oddly - the burning had not spread beyond the circular patch. Baffled and angry, the man called the police, who were soon on the scene. It’s no surprise they had no answers for the irate farmer. That wasn’t quite the end of it, though. Later the following night, in the early hours, the rancher and his family were woken up by the familiar thumping sound of a helicopter. The farmer jumped out of bed and raced out of the back-door to his field. There, in front of the farmer, was what was described as being a very small helicopter with a “bubble body”


When shown photos of various helicopters by UFO investigator Leonard Stringfield, the man identified the helicopter as a Bell-47 - or, as something very similar to it. That wasn’t the strangest part of the story, though. As the enraged and armed farmer raced to the area where the helicopter was sitting, he was suddenly approached - from the shadows - by two men that fit the picture of the MIB: suits, hats and a sickly, pale appearance. Nothing was said: instead, one of the MIB held up his hand and waved one finger at the farmer in a “tut-tut” style. What chilled the farmer more than anything else was the eerie grin the man had on his face. Or that it had on its face. The pair of MIB walked backwards to the helicopter, got inside and took to the skies. Later, the man could not fathom why he didn’t take any action. I should stress, though, that those who encounter the real Men in Black often speak of being rendered into a strange, almost dream-like state - something that so often prevents them from taking action against the MIB.

ref: Men in Black in Black Helicopters | Mysterious Universe -


・この事例では Bell 47 が黒ヘリとして使われているが、Ed Conroy も、この Bell 47 の黒ヘリを目撃している。

It was one particular morning in March 1987 that Ed Conroy found himself a target of whoever it is that flies the mysterious helicopters. It appeared to be a Bell 47, said Conroy, and it lacked an identifying markings - which is very curious, but absolutely typical of the helicopters of the phantom type. Notably, said Conroy: “What was remarkable about this particular helicopter was the inordinate amount of attention it seemed to be paying to my building.” In no time, and shortly after the Bell 47 finally exited the area, a totally black helicopter was on the scene too. Follow-up visits occurred - something which prompted Conroy to contact the Federal Aviation Administration for answers. No luck there. Things got even more intense in 1988 when Conroy was practically seeing helicopters here, there and everywhere. And particularly, again, in the direct vicinity of his apartment, including the huge, double-rotor, military Chinooks. Conroy even saw some of the helicopters vanish - as in literally vanish. Some kind of stealthy, cloaking technology, perhaps?

ref: Ed Conroy : UFO/ET/abduction の調査をしていたら、身の回りに黒ヘリが頻繁に出現。さらにその黒ヘリが空中で忽然と消え去るのを目撃した。 (2019-02-04)

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