Nick Redfern : Glenn Dennis が証言した「看護婦の Maria」とは Miriam Bush である可能性。


・Roswell 事件で、Glenn Dennis が「ET の遺体を目撃した Roswell 病院の看護婦 Maria 」から聞いた話(*1)を証言していた。だが、Maria に該当する看護婦は存在しなかったため、Glenn Dennis の証言は信用されていない。

・だが、Glenn Dennis の証言にある Maria とは、Miriam である可能性がある。カトリックの名前に詳しければそういう繋がりが見て取れる…そういう説を Nick Redfern が取り上げている。

・その説によれば、Glenn Dennis は Maria という名前を使うことで

  ・Miriam Bush をかばうことができ、
  ・Miriam Bush であることを示唆したと。


Today, most people in Roswell research totally discount Dennis’ story - and for very understandable reasons, too. Roswell expert Kevin Randle, for example, says of Dennis’ story that it is nothing but “…the fantasy of a man who had no real involvement other than he lived in Roswell in 1947.”

Kevin Randle told me a couple of days ago that Dennis started using the middle name of “Maria” for his nurse after he ? Dennis ? met with the late ufologist, Karl Pflock. So, we have a “Maria” in the story. And, it so happens that Maria (as the quote above shows) “…became the Latinised form of Miriam.” Why is this important? Well, one of the primary candidates for who the nurse really might have been (if there even was a nurse, of course) was a woman named…Miriam Bush. Miriam was not actually a nurse: in 1947 she was an executive secretary at Roswell’s RAAF hospital. She worked for a medical officer, Lieutenant Colonel Harold Warne, and is said to have seen the bodies found on the Foster Ranch ? specifically when they were brought into the confines of the hospital. They were, as nearly everyone claimed, small, damaged, and very unusual-looking.

This trauma-filled experience clearly affected Miriam to a huge degree. The whole thing was like an albatross around her neck. That huge, ominous bird never left her. Miriam Bush’s private life was a mess and she became alcoholic. And, in the late 1980s, Miriam became fearful that she was being watched and followed. She was found dead in a motel-room just outside of San Jose, California, in December 1989. A plastic bag was found around Miriam’s head, and her arms were bruised and scratched. The verdict was suicide.

Dennis said that his nurse was a “good catholic girl.” Could Dennis have known something after all? Did he choose to use the name of Maria in place of Miriam? And, using the fake name, did he hope that one day someone with a Catholic background might make a Maria-Miriam connection and finally realize who the real source was: Miriam Bush, perhaps? Dennis did, after all, make a Catholic comment, suggesting he may have known some Catholic lore. At the very least, this is all a strange and convoluted coincidence of names, which may very well be the case. But, I would suggest that more digging into all of this is still required.

ref: The Ongoing Controversy of the "Roswell Nurse" and Those Strange Bodies | Mysterious Universe - https://mysteriousuniverse.org/2019/12/the-ongoing-controversy-of-the-roswell-nurse-and-those-strange-bodies/


Roswell 事件:病院で異星人の遺体を目撃した看護婦の謎(途中:その1) (2014-12-06)





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