1944-09, Tennessee: tic-tac UFO によく似た UFO の目撃事例(複数の目撃者)


・tic-tac UFO は決して最近の出現ではなく、1930年代にも目撃報告がある… Richard Dolan はそう主張していた(過去記事)。

・Richard Dolan 以外にも同様の事例が報告されており、そのひとつが下。


One unique report from the early days of UFOs (that is, prior to Kenneth Arnold’s famous sighting) occurred in September 1944, near Oak Ridge, Tennessee; a site that would be notable for other UFO sightings over the years, which some commentators find unsurprising due to the area’s proximity to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Public Domain).

The report states that at about dusk on a September evening in 1944, a witness identified only as “Mr. Nelson,” who had been “in the company of two other Oak Ridge workers, A.C. Butler and Albert Profitt, were driving from Oliver Springs into Oak Ridge,” the report states. As the drivers reached a point about two miles outside of Oliver, they said: “a strange object showed up about 50 feet in front of the car ended about the height of the windshield.”

The report says that Nelson, the primary observer, described it as “glossy white in color, and the reflected light had a dimension of about 30 feet long and 4 feet wide.”

“When Nelson eased the car up to the object, it moved slowly away, and when he stopped the car, it also stopped. Nelson claims that he called people out from a house to the roadside to see what they were observing and they were as dumbfounded at the site as the three men were.”

This unusual cat-and-mouse game between the drivers and the strange object continued for several minutes, as Mr. Nelson moved the vehicle back and forth toward the object, watching as it appeared to mimic their movements, moving away as they approached, or following when they backed away.

“Finally, after Nelson had moved forward and stop again several times, the light rose high into the air and disappeared over Black Oak Ridge,” the report states.

Afterward, the incident was reported to several local authorities, along with the FBI’s Knoxville Field Office. According to Mr. Nelson (who had presumably been the one who made the report to the Bureau), “Nelson said that at first the FBI was very interested in the report but then they seemed to lose interest in it completely.

ref: Was an Unidentified Flying Object Similar to the USS Nimitz "Tic Tac" Seen in 1944? | Mysterious Universe - https://mysteriousuniverse.org/2019/10/was-an-unidentified-flying-object-similar-to-the-uss-nimitz-tic-tac-seen-in-1944/





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