・病院のエレベータからいつもの 6階フロアーに降りたら、そこは空っぽのフロアだった。窓の外には存在しない筈の未来的な高層ビル群が見えた…という話。




Elevator Opens Into the Twilight Zone

“Back when my mom was in the hospital, I stayed with her for about 5 days. She was on the 6th floor whereas the food court and snack machines were on the basement floor. I live in a small town so our hospital is the only place that has 6 floors. I went up and down the elevator so much that I knew this place like the back of my hands. Anyway, one day I was going down to get a drink and a Kit Kat. Everything was normal except the card reader on the coke machine didn’t work. I got on the elevator and selected the 6th floor when I got off, there was just empty walls. No nurses stations, no rooms, no painting, furniture, nothing. I walked towards one end to see random size white buildings and the other end to see tall skyscrapers and a shiny, metal window type building. I called out over and over but no one replied. I went to the stop where the elevators were and they were gone. I took out my phone to call the hospital to tell them I was lost but my phone didn't have any bars (this was a few years ago with the flip phones) I kept looking at the windows hoping to find some sort of person that I can alert but no one was down there; no cars for miles. After realizing that I was literally screwed, my panic attacks kicked in.

I laid on the ground, staring at the wall, trying to calm myself down for a half hour. When I woke up, the place all looked the same except for the elevators, they were back and I felt a sigh of relief. I got in, pushed the 5th floor which was the maternity ward and the doors shut. When they opened, there was the basic light colored walls, borders trimmed with little duckies and the sounds of people talking and babies crying. I found the fire escape and figured I'll take my chances on getting to mom's floor. I opened the door and I was back on the 6th floor, the real one. I walked into mom's room and she said 'That was fast'. I told her I must have been gone for over an hour but she said I had been gone for less than 5 minutes. I looked at the TV and The Bold & The Beautiful was still on (it's a 30 minute show). I don't know what happened to me or where I was but I still don’t trust elevators.” - Lisa Gibson

ref: http://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2018/07/daily-2-cents-elevator-opens-into.html





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