110km/h で走行する車と並走する黒い犬に遭遇した。


・高速で走行する車と長時間並走した…という話は過去記事で紹介した Skinwalker の目撃証言と共通する。




Texas 'Hellhound'

21-year-old Raymond, in Texas, wrote in to tell of his bizarre experience:

“A couple of years ago, I was driving my girlfriend of the time home late one night. We stopped at an intersection near her neighborhood where I decided to look down to change the song playing on my phone. When I looked back up, I saw a large black dog run right in front of my headlights. My girlfriend said, 'Whoa, did you see that?' I replied, 'Yeah, it was just a dog.' 'No, that dog looks weird,' she said. Right there and then it passed in front of my lights again. I was terrified when I noticed it had no features but more like a solid black mass in the shape of a dog. It ran past my window and I noticed it had what seemed like smoke coming off of it. 'What the F is that?' I screamed. It circled around and went past my girlfriend's window going directly into my car's beam of lights again. As soon as it cleared them, I floored it and sped off down the street. We both couldn't believe what we had seen.

When we got to her house, we sat in the car and tried to process what had happened. She broke down in tears and revealed to me that an uncle of hers had seen the dog we had just seen shortly before he passed. She said what we had seen was exactly what he had described to her family. He said he felt it was death coming after him. I comforted her as she she cried and tried to play tough but deep down I was absolutely terrified. Was it there for her or for me?

A couple weeks later I was driving alone one night down a dark country road that I would usually cruise on the weekends. Everything was normal when I noticed something moving just out of the beams of the light of the car on the edge of the road as I drove. I slowed down and was shocked to see what was revealed by my headlights. It was that dog again but this time it was running alongside my car as I drove. I was terrified when I suddenly remembered that the speed limit for this road was 70 mphs. This thing was keeping up with me. It was exactly like I had seen it before. A large black mass with smoke coming off of it. As I glanced back and forth between the road and it, I slammed on the brakes. When I turned to look at it, it's head was backwards, not turned, and it was looking right at me with glowing white eyes. I'd never been more afraid in my whole life. I immediately did a U-turn and hauled ass back into town. I was shaking the entire way home. Was what I saw a Hellhound or something else? Are these things associated with death? My grandfather passed shortly after these events. I've spotted the dog a couple of times since then while driving but but only for a brief moment as I passed it.”

Source: Beyond The Darkness ? April 2, 2018

ref: http://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2018/04/daily-2-cents-texas-hellhound-grey.html





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