Nick Redfern : UFO/ET が Rey Hernandez の麻痺した飼い犬を奇跡的に治癒。その詳細。



Ray Hernandez:プラズマ状 ET が麻痺した愛犬を治癒した (+追加3) (2016-06-06)

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Rey Hernandez

The two cases mentioned above are part of the ‘classic’ annals of XXth century UFOlogy, whereas the next one is among the most interesting cases reported in the new millennium, and has been covered in Diana Pasulka’s book American Cosmic as part of her exploration on how UFO experiences can affect religious perspectives (and vice versa).

Rey Hernandez was, according to his own account, a die-hard rationalist and atheist -as well as a very successful lawyer- living happily with his wife Dulce, despite the fact that she remained a very devout Catholic due to her Mexican origin. In March of 2012 Dulce was heartbroken because her beloved pet Nina -an old Jack Russell terrier- was gravely ill and they had finally decided to put her out of her misery. Rey’s wife sought refuge in her faith and prayed to God to save her ‘little girl’, for that’s what ‘Nina’ means in Spanish.

According to Rey’s testimony, her wife woke up very early in the morning to check on the poor dog, which was so sick she could only move from the neck up. Dulce took Nina downstairs and that’s when she saw a glowing object floating four feet off the ground, metallic in appearance and with the domed shape of an inverted ‘U’. Startled by this apparition, Dulce did what probably any good Mexican Catholic with a devotion to the Virgin of Guadalupe would do: she went on her knees and pleaded to the luminous object to go away if it was a “bad spirit;” but if it was “an angel of the Virgin Mary” she begged it to stay and not let her dog suffer anymore.

As if it was an answer to her prayers, Dulce then saw green flashes blinking in front of her, which caused her to freak out and yell to her husband for help. Thinking his wife had probably seen a mouse or a cockroach in the kitchen, Rey ignored her at first -there’s a Latino marriage for you!- until Dulce rushed upstairs and practically dragged him out of their bedroom. One of the most interesting aspects of this case is that, when Rey finally came downstairs, what he observed was markedly different to what his wife saw: instead of a metallic object, what was in front of him was a compact, multicolored formation of plasma-like energy which looked like a horizontal cylinder with fuzzy edges. But even more astounding was the reaction of the ‘stalwart rationalist’, because instead of calling 911 or getting a camera he just stared at it for a few moments, thought it was no big deal and went back to bed!

This nonsensical ‘trance-like’ state of his lasted only 15 minutes or so, because the next thing Rey Hernandez remembers, is coming back to his senses and rushing back downstairs to see her wife jumping up and down in joy followed by her happily-barking Nina. The miracle she had asked for had been fulfilled, and the dog was completely cured.

This was the start of a series of incredible experiences which have completely transformed Hernandez’s philosophy of life and his goals. He ended up co-founding the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE) along with the late Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Harvard astrophysicist Dr. Rudy Schild, and Australian researcher Mary Rodwell. FREE’s goals include the scientific study of the close encounter experience and the role that human consciousness plays in the UFO mystery.

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