Joe Lewels:退行催眠で abductee の前世想起が頻繁に報告されている


・Joe Lewels が Whitley Strieber の番組でタイトルの件を語っているので紹介する。

・著名な abduction 研究家(たとえば David Jocobs や Budd Popkins など)は前世想起の件を無視しているが、無視すべきではない、と。


・Joe Lewels の他の発言はどれも月並みだったり、根拠が薄弱な主張ばかりなので紹介するには値しない。


・Alien Abductee Past Life Connections


・この Podcast で話題になっている Joe Lewels の著書が下。


Joe Lewels, "Rulers of the Earth: Secrets of the Sons of God", April 1, 2007


・abductee に限らず、退行催眠で前世想起と言われている現象が発生するのは事実。退行催眠以外にイメージを重視した瞑想などでも同様の現象が起きることがある。私も実際にこの現象を体験している。



1978年1月18日、McGuire 空軍基地:滑走路で ET を射殺、多数の UFO が出現 (途中:その1)




・39:30 (McGuire 空軍基地)Fort Dix の滑走路で ET を射撃した事件。

・1978年1月18日。彼が空軍の情報将校だった時のこと。毎朝の将軍へブリーフィング用の資料を作成するため、4:00 ごろに早朝に空軍基地に着たら、滑走路に多くの照明。クラッシュかと。指令所(command post)に行ったら Fort Dix で ET を射撃したと聞かされた。
8:00 のブリーフィングで ET の死体が見つかったと発表があった。

・44:10 後に ET の死骸を警護した軍曹から話を聴いた。明らかに人間ではなかったと。一般的なグレイの特徴に一致。

・C-141 が飛来して ET の死骸を回収。

・この時、陸軍では 10機の UFO を目撃している。たぶん、遺体を取り戻すつもり?

・この事件に関わった Morris 軍曹(仮名)が既にこの事件を証言している。


George Filer discusses UFO and alien sightings | Open Minds Radio


・George Filer がこの件を詳しく語った別のインタビュー記事が下。

GF: My name is George A. Filer, III. I was in the U.S. Air Force and my final rank was major. I was a navigator in various aircraft and tanker transport aircraft. I was an intelligence officer most of my career, and in that period, frequently briefed generals and congressmen on our capabilities and the threat to our forces.

Well, I was a briefing officer, and I would come to work [at] 4:00 or so in the morning. On the morning of January 18, 1978, I drove through the main gate at McGuire, and I noticed that there were red lights out on the runway, and that probably something was going on out there. [I] didn’t think too much about it until I got to the 21st Air Force Command Post, [which] was where I worked. I was the Deputy Director of Intelligence for the 21st Air Force, which controlled half the military aircraft that flew the presidents and the various VIPs from the Mississippi River around to India. We had some 300 aircraft, and we were flying all kinds of missions ? almost anything that had to do with military airlift, we accomplished.

This particular morning, when I went into the command post, I was met by the head of the command post, and he said that it [had] been a very exciting evening ? that [we’d] had UFOs over McGuire all night, that one had apparently landed or, possibly, crashed at Fort Dix, and that when a military policeman came upon the alien, that he had pulled out a gun and shot him. And I said, foreigner, [that kind of] alien? I was a little bit confused by him saying alien. And he said, “No, an alien from outer space.” He was very specific about the fact that an alien from outer space had been shot at Fort Dix, and that he had run away after being wounded, and headed for McGuire. Now McGuire and Fort Dix just have a fence between them, and this alien apparently climbed the fence or went under it, and got to McGuire and died out on the end of the runway. The security police were out there and had captured the body, so to speak, and were guarding it. He said that a C-141 from Wright-Patterson was coming in to pick up the body. That made me stand up, because I didn’t realize that Wright Patterson had C-141s ? I thought Military Airlift Command was the only one who owned C-141 aircraft ? so I was like, my gosh, what’s going on here? He said, “We want you to brief us at the standup general briefing this morning and explain what happened to everybody.” And, I said you want me to tell General Tom Sadler and everybody in the command post that we captured an alien?!

They said, “Yes, we want you to brief [them] this morning.” Well, I did some checking around, and I called the 38th Military Airlift Wing Command Post to check with them to see if the story was the same as I was given. They said, yes, that they had heard the same information; they said that this actually did happen ? that an alien was found on the base.

Later that morning, I was told that they decided not to brief it in the standup briefing, so I didn’t actually brief it. Later that morning, I carried the code word down to General Sadler’s office, and I noticed some commotion going on in there, and that some of the security police people were there, looking rather disheveled. Since General Sadler was a stickler for everyone looking perfect, it was surprising to see these people that obviously needed shaves and were in fatigues, so then I knew that this might tie into the story that I had heard.

After the briefing I went to the photo lab; almost every day I went to the photo lab, because in these briefings, you have four screens and you have to keep them all filled up with pretty pictures, and so on. There, they indicated that they had taken pictures of something extraordinary, and I said, well, let me see them. The sergeant was handing them to me, when his master sergeant said, “He can’t see those,” so all I knew is that they had some pictures that I wasn’t allowed to see ? but normally, being the general’s briefer ? I had never been stopped from seeing any pictures that they had.

It was a very serious operation. There are nuclear assets on the base ? they used to carry nuclear weapons back and forth to Europe ? and I talked to one of the security policemen who [claimed] to have been out there. He indicated that he essentially saw a small body that could have been like a child, but it seemed to have a larger-than-normal head.

One interesting thing is that many of the key personnel on the base at that time who had a connection with this event, were quickly transferred ? from the wing commander on down ? indicating that if you knew something, they tended to split you up, so to speak, so you couldn’t talk about it. This was done within a matter of weeks. The security policeman told me that he was transferred within a few days ? as a matter of fact, he was taken to Wright Patterson within a day or two, debriefed by a number of people, and essentially told not to talk about it anymore.

I also heard that they listened to this going on, on the radios, and they heard that this chase was on; that the alien had been shot at Fort Dix. They were chasing it towards McGuire ? for whatever reason, it chose to run towards McGuire Air Force Base ? and that both the state police and the military police were chasing this person or alien that came from what looked like a UFO. As I understand it, it was a disc-shaped craft.

They indicated to me that the UFOs had been in the area for quite some time that evening, that they had [them] on radar, and that the tower operator had seen them. Some of the other aircraft in the area had apparently seen them as well.

There were six or eight people guarding the body; then there was the commander of the security police, and a few of us in the command post [who knew of this event]. I assume that General Sadler was briefed about it.



Timothy Good:気象学者の contactee が ET による天候操作を実演 (途中:その1)


・南極で UFO を目撃し、contactee となった気象学者の話については下の過去記事でチラリと言及した。

・Timothy Good がこの気象学者の後日談を語っているので紹介する。


・24:00 あたり。


・Timothy Good Reveals Scariest UFO Information to date


・同様の事例を過去記事で紹介済み。contactee で、かつ大規模な気象操作を何度も実演した人物の話が…


バイクの運転中、突然 周囲の車両が無音になり、周囲からは不可視になった (途中:その1)


・"Oz factor" については過去記事で何度も取り上げた。たとえば…

  Jenny Randles の唱えた "Oz Factor"(Oz 要素) (途中:その3) (2015-07-04)

  Linda Zimmermann : アブダクティが周囲の時間停止を体験、 ET が脳の障害を発見 (全体+追加2)

  1997年頃、コロラド州:突然、周囲が無音になった直後に B-2 爆撃機が家の真上を超低速で過ぎ去る (途中:その1) (2016-01-03)

  UFO/ET 遭遇時に頻発する「目撃者周辺の奇妙な静けさ」 (途中:その4) (2016-01-16)

  Chris Augustin:UFO 出現時に周囲が静まり返るのは UFO の放つ超低音の影響か? (2017-02-17)

  タイム・スリップ(と思しき)事例でも Oz 要因が生じた (2017-05-08)

  DMT 摂取で「周囲が無音になった(Oz factor)」 (2017-06-29)

・この "Oz factor" に関連すると思われる、タイトルのような興味深い証言を記録しておく。



Son of a b*tch...I'm invisible!'

Cliff in Houston, Texas called in to tell of a weird experience he had:

“I got a little story for you that I think you'll find interesting. It scared the daylights out of me but nothing to do with ghosts. I ride a motorcycle 90% of the time. I just enjoy it and I've been riding it forever. I was riding down a major highway in Houston called I-10, in a very busy section of it. I wear a helmet, my regular jacket, no big deal, my radio was on, all the sudden every sound around me was gone. There was no sound of the trucks that were next to me. There was no sound of the cars. The was no sound. I thought I was having a stroke because I'm 70 years of age.

I lifted up my face mask on my helmet and I could hear my tires. I could hear my engine but that was all. The music from my radio was gone. Everything was gone. As that was happening, a car next to me, I saw the woman look right at me. She turned her head, looked, put on a blinker and she came right over at me. I said, "I'll be a son of a b*tch." I said, "I'm invisible!" I firmly believed for a few seconds I wasn't where people could see me and I think that's how these accidents happen when people say, 'I looked and there was nobody there' and they run into someone. Maybe, just for a minute, I mean it wasn't a minute. It was long enough for me to lift up my face mask listen and I said, "Oh Jesus, what the hell's going on? So am I having a stroke?" And then when I looked over at the woman and she came over at me, I said, "She can't see me." I was in the wrong place you at the wrong time.

(Church asks if he thinks he went through a type of time vortex) Yeah! (Church asks if anything else changed, like the age of the cars) No, absolutely nothing visually changed whatsoever as fast as it started that's how fast it stopped. Like throwing a light switch, there was noise all around me again and everything. I got off about four exits further down where I was going. I said, I gotta think about this. The only thing I could come up with was I drove into something somewhere. Fortunately I came out of it and I wasn't stuck in the damn thing. I mean my hearings good, my eyesight's good. I'm telling it was like a light switch all of a sudden all the ambient noise was gone.”

Source: Fade to Black with Jimmy Church - August 10, 2017



Timothy Good:米軍が UFO を迎撃し、ほぼ無傷の UFO を手に入れ、後に複製に成功した



・Timothy Good は政府(CIA/FBI/etc. )の情報ソースから掴まされたヨタ話を鵜呑みにする傾向が強いのでタイトルの件もガセネタだと思う。


・55:00 あたり。動画の再生開始時刻を設定ずみ。


・Timothy Good Reveals Scariest UFO Information to date


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