AI で Voynich Manuscript が解読できた





AI Reveals New Clues in Deciphering the Voynich Manuscript

The University of Alberta’s Greg Kondrak and Bradley Hauer claim to have developed an AI algorithm capable of deducing the language a text was written in with 97% accuracy. According to their algorithm, the Voynich manuscript was likely written in Hebrew and then encrypted using a substitution cipher in which letters are shifted, and the vowels have been removed from words. Kondrak and Hauer’s algorithm found that the first sentence of the text translates as “She made recommendations to the priest, man of the house and me and people.” In its analysis of the first 72 words of the manuscript, the algorithm has identified “farmer,” “light,” “air” and “fire” as the four most common words, with “covfefe” coming in a close fifth.



周囲のざわめきが消え、遠くの人々の話が全て明瞭に理解できた (途中:その1)






Bizarre Audio Anomaly

My wife and I used to visit Prescott, Arizona often as a get-away; we enjoyed the antique shops, bars, restaurants and western atmosphere, plus it’s much cooler weather than what we know at home closer to Phoenix. I’ve been going to Prescott since summer church camp as a boy and during my career spent months working up in the area, I like the place. On one of our trips, the wife and I were having dinner at one of the more popular spots that features a scrumptious prime rib that is so good people actually drive from Phoenix only to eat and return back to the Valley of the Sun. During peak tourist times, reservations are suggested, which we had and were glad of it because the place was packed. We ordered cocktails and chatted before ordering, looking at the various antiques and pieces of art that lined the walls, many that had actually been supplied by a friend of ours. Because of the crowd, there was the expected high level of noise and clatter, what you’ll find in any busy dining establishment, which was perfectly normal and we were enjoying our visit. Our dinner arrived and we dug in, both enjoying the prime rib; my wife with the petite cut, me with the King Kong cut, things were ingesting along perfectly when suddenly the sound changed.

It changed in that I no longer heard the muffled roar of the crowd, but crystal clear and loud conversations between peoples from all over the restaurant, at the same time, but individually as well! I stopped chewing in mid-bite, looked at my wife, whose eyes were wide as saucers and she said; “Do you hear that, all those people just talking?” Dang, she could hear it too! I nodded yes, but as I looked around, no one else seemed to be reacting to the change. The wife and I quickly confirmed by description what we were hearing; conversations from people obviously outside our line-of-sight sounded as if they were alone with us at our table in an otherwise empty room. The odd thing was, the group of men just next to us, who we’d only nodded to and couldn’t understand a word they were saying due to the crowd noise, were now perfectly clear to us as well. That proved to be disturbing as these well-coiffed gents were discussing a crime they had committed or were planning to commit and it didn’t sound pretty.

We could hear the servers and bussing staff, the cooks, the host and hostess, everybody individually and simultaneously together, PERFECTLY! The wife and I simply sat wide-eyed, mouths open, prime-rib suspended in mid-bite for nearly a minute when it all stopped just as suddenly as it started and the normal intermingled crowd ‘white noise’ returned. We could no longer hear what anyone in the place was saying except each other directly, not even the ‘gentlemen’ next to us, who we smiled at and now avoided eye contact with! We finished our dinner, but honestly didn’t enjoy it as we were frankly too stunned by what had happened. Later we agreed that neither of us had previously experienced such a thing and so far it’s not ever happened since. To this day we both wonder what happened. I have never personally heard anyone relate a similar experience, but I'm sure that if it happened to us, we can't be alone. I've been back to that restaurant several times over the years and never experienced anything other than a busy, but normal place with great food. SW

NOTE: Not sure what to make of this. Was it simply an audio anomaly, or something much stranger? Lon







Bounced Back to Reality

"Pennsylvania, USA - I was born on 11/17/65. This incident occurred on my 1st birthday. Interesting. You should research Kecksburg, PA. That incident occurred about two weeks after I was born, in a location very near to where my grandmother was born. I've experienced my own strange and unexplainable events. Once, just a couple years back, I was sitting in a folding lawn chair, and it was as though I moved backwards, or everything around me moved forwards, for the briefest instant. It was like when you hold a mirror in front of a mirror, that kind of effect, but imagine that the mirror is everywhere around you. It was like being drawn backwards into a green tunnel shaped like my own silhouette, and I said, "No!" very firmly, and leaned forwards, and bounced back into the moment in a rubbery manner, like something out of a cartoon. My friend was sitting across from me, I looked at her and said, "That was weird." She said, "What was weird?" I told her about it, and she hadn't noticed anything, she didn't hear me say 'no', so I must've said it in my mind. No hallucinogens were involved.”

Source: Youtube Comments, CrazyBear65



雪上に残された行方不明者の足跡が突然途絶え、3km 先に遺体が見つかった事例




Tracks Suddenly End...Body Found Several Kilometers Away

Response to a video referencing tracks in the snow that just seemed to if the person was carried away:

“20 or so years ago I brought in my elderly uncle, who had no business being in the bush at his age, to track a SAR in which none of us involved could puzzle out the tracks. Even with the tracks being a couple three days old by the time my uncle got to them they still told the same impossible story.

The missing man walked 3 quarters of the way into a clearing in the bush and then disappeared into thin air. Unless that man backtracked, and in doing so placed every backward walking footprint in exactly the correct place, there was nowhere for him to have gone. My very traditional uncle said that even if a thunderbird had swooped down on him the footprint would have shown evidence of him being dragged on his way to catching air. That dominant and trailing foot would have dragged a bit, more while the bird figured out how much weight it was actually contending with compared to the weight it thought it would be, or it would have kicked up some snow from being pulled forward and up (even his regular walking footprints up to that point had kicked some snow forward). Those last two footprints, with the dominant foot forward the length of a regular stride, were the footprints of a man intending to carry on in his journey when something stopped him from doing so.

Another thing, that could be strange or not, is that the tracks suggested that man had been comfortably chilling for 5 or 6 days in a primitive camp he had erected until the very moment he made his trek into the clearing. He still had an amount of foraged food and water when he set out (water source was a spring in the opposite direction, too). Helicopter, maybe, but there were no reports of him having been recovered in that manner, no reports of any kind of private heli-craft active in the area and he really didn't seem the type to have a friend with access to a helicopter tucked away in his back pocket. One of the stranger things I've seen, that's for damn sure. Had we not found him until the warmer months we would have had no idea about the peculiarity of the case. We would have assumed he succumbed to natural causes in the clearing while foraging or trying to make himself known to aerial searchers.”

Source: Youtube, lesterclaypool1

JLB - Beyond Creepy

Here are more details that were added later:

"This happened in Northern Ontario, Canada near a community called Kapuskasing. The man's body was found about 3 kilometers from where we found the end of his tracks on the opposite edge of the clearing and a little into the bush on that side from where we had found his camp by another search team with dogs about half a week later.'That's another strange thing, I guess; dogs that started out from his camp couldn't track him past where his trail that we found had ended. It was men coming in on foot from a road at the other end of the bush found him."

NOTE: Is there a comparison to the Todd Sees disappearance and death? Interesting...Lon



Michael Cremo: Google での "Forbidden Archaeology" に関する講演 (途中:その1)


・Google 社で定期的に開催される招待講演に Michael Cremo が講演者として招かれた時の動画を紹介する。


・Michael Cremo は「人間が数千万年前から地上に存在していたという考古学的証拠が信頼される考古学の論文誌(審査つき)に多数、報告されてきたが、どれも無視・軽視されてきた」ことを丹念な調査に基づいて具体的に列挙している。





・Michael Cremo がこの講演で取り上げた個々の考古学的な証拠については個別に別記事で紹介する予定。この記事では彼の主張の概要を切り出し静止画で紹介した上で、彼の主張全体に対する私の感想を述べる。



























・Michael Cremo: "Forbidden Archaeology" | Talks at Google



・この状況は ESP などの超常現象や臨死体験の研究事例とかなり共通している。ESP や臨死体験を事実だと認めると、現代科学の土台が揺らぐ。だから科学界の主流派がそれを認めることは絶対にできない。

・だが、多数の UFO/ET/abduction 現象の詳細を知っている我々は、Michael Cremo の収集した考古学的証拠について、Michael Cremo の主張とも、科学界の主流派の見解とも異なる第三の見方が可能な筈。具体的には…


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